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N.C. No helmet required

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New guy here, haven’t made it to the introduction thread yet but have pertinent info.

N.C. G.S. 20-140.4A2 states drivers and passengers of autocycles with a roll bar or cage are not required to wear helmets.


Used to say “enclosed seating”
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I spoke with locsl officers and members of the State Patrol in NC and there does not appear to be any confusion. If they see a roll bars or bars that hold a roof, then no helmet is required and they move on...
No need to write to anyone. The NC law went into effect on October 1st. IF, you have a roll bar, no helmet needed. The law is crystal clear, go online and print out a copy and put it in your glove compartment. Then ride easy in NC.
This sounds very familiar. I live in the state of Washington. When I bought my Slingshot the local dealer said no helmets are required. Many people said they talked to the State Patrol and or local law enforcement who said no helmets needed. So to be sure, I sent an email to the department of licensing and they said helmets were required.

Local police and the state patrol do not make or determine laws. If the law says helmets are required you may never get stopped BUT if you get into an accident and your passenger gets injured you could be in deep sh%t if the law says helmets are required.

I recommend that if you live in NC, or any other state, send an email to the DOL and ask them. Better still, follow Polaris’ recommendation and always wear a helmet. It could save your life.
Helmets are overrated. Wear a fireproof suit it could save your life.
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