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I did it! I finally "pulled the trigger" (as every new owner seems to say). Many of you may or may not know, that I do not have an SS even though I post here a lot.

I have been researching the SS since I joined the forum almost 1 year ago. Listening to everyone's complaints and love affairs with the thing. Watching member's SSs evolve through mods. Weighing the pluses and minuses that people offer. The love hate relationship that owners have with their slings, dealers, and Polaris is pretty amazing to watch from the outside. Some have never had and issue, some can't keep it on the road. Some are ready to pack it full of C4 and some love every quirk like it adds character to their little pet. (you know who you are).

So after all of my wavering back and forth: Should I get the SLR? Should I get a base? Should I buy used or new? Do I wait for the 2018?.......I was really hoping for a big change for 2018. Wanted to be the first kid on the block with the new beast BTW. I finally settled on what was best for me, my lifestyle, the climate where I live, etc blah blah blah. I bought a Porsche 911. :woot: :woot: HA!

It doesn't mean I am leaving the forum...yet. But I am not going to buy an SS anytime soon. Maybe the 2020 model? As long as they keep coming out with "New colors that bring your driving experience to the EDGE!" lol

Late edit: Props to @Blitzkrieg for the encouragement and advice on the Porsche.:cigar:
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