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From my Funnies Pusher -
I pass by this old mailbox every day. The old rusty box is nailed to a
tree that has to be over a hundred years old.

After years of passing it by, I decided to open the box to see if
anything was inside, even though I thought, probably not.

After all, there isn’t a house nearby that it could serve, and
any home it served long ago has been torn down.

I noticed an old letter inside the box, as you can see in the second picture.
I looked at the postmark date, which to my astonishment was actually
readable, and it was dated July 7, 1958.

Ever so carefully, I opened up the aged, crackly envelope and
gently pulled out the folded piece of paper, almost tingling with
excitement and anticipation.

The message in the letter read,
"We have been trying to reach you concerning your vehicle’s extended warranty."
521 - 540 of 604 Posts