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Looking for Exhaust Tips Solution

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So a few weeks ago I bought a 2015 Sling with a Hahn Turbo and Magnaflow Muffler (I absolutely love it BTW) - The Muffler dumps right to the floor in front of the passenger footwell (I will try to post a picture) with that said the exhaust fumes (and HEAT) are killing my wife. I tried to contact Hahn for a solution of the exhaust and they said they don't have anything open for me plus not to mention they're in FL and I'm in MD. But I was wondering if anyone has any information or a resolution on adding tips to the side (Kinda like the Hahn side exhaust) to help route the exhaust up and away from the floor and hopefully aid/prevent and or minimize the exhaust fumes exposure in the cabin.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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I have the same setup. The Welter Performance rear exhaust doesn't have an adapter for the Hahn setup. Rear exhausts can also result in exhaust fumes being sucked up over the rear and into the cockpit if you have a Top and a taller windshields. Hahn offers what the call their Side Pipe exhaust which uses a smaller, and presumably louder) muffler that exits thru a hole in the side of the engine compartment. It costs around $900-1000 and when stopped at a light, the exhaust can still get sucked into the cockpit.
Several things I've thought about trying are -
  • Asking a muffler shop if they can fab a small collector box that could be welded to the bottom of the muffler or the exhaust tips that would redirect the exhaust thru an opening in the side of the Slingshot. Like the Hahn Side Pipe exhaust, this may still allow exhaust fumes to be sucked into the cockpit when stopped at a traffic light.
  • Buy the Welter Performance rear exhaust and have a local muffler shop fab the correct adapters to allow the waste-gate and turbo to be connected to the Welter exhaust.
  • Convert a side pipes exhaust kit. This will still require fabbing of the adapters to allow the waste-gate and turbo exhausts to be connected to the exhaust. Dual exhaust side pipes are a little more work since the exhaust must be split and a second pipe routed in front of the engine to the driver's side pipe. It's also possible to just run a single pipe on the passenger side. You'll need a heat shield to protect your Wife's leg from hitting the side pipe while getting in and out of the Slingshot. The advantage of the side pipe exhaust is it exits to the rear of the Slingshot and while it exits at the rear of the Slingshot, it's exhaust would be exiting at the side instead of the rear and may not be subject to having fumes sucked back into the cockpit.
I'm facing problems keeping my license due to medical issues, but if I can keep my Slingshot, I'm leaning towards the single side pipe approach and am also considering adding one or two high-flow cats to help reduce the smell from the exhaust as my Wifde can't stand the exhaust smell.
This thread has a pic of a Slingshot with a side pipes exhaust (I assume a dual setup) - Need help identifying a Slingshot picture - Polaris Slingshot Forum. I trying to find the current owner so I can ask for pics of how the muffler was mounted to the Slingshot and the length of the side pipe mufflers used.
Thanks forthe information. I really don’t like the “Vette” style side muffler look and do not want to do a rear exhaust. I was hoping that I could “adapt” somehow some a side tip(s) kinda like the picture attached and was hoping that someone had already went thru the same issue as me.
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The stock exhaust dumps in the same place as yours and many people have the same problem. I think it is caused by your windshield. Most windshields cause the air to go over your head and then it goes forward because of the vacuum created by the windshield trapping the fumes in the cockpit. I bought a Madstad windshield which is designed to prevent this and have never had a problem. I don’t have a turbocharger. I have headers and a ceramic coated muffler.
Thanks for your input!!!! The whole “Vacuum” issue has also been on my mind as I think this is a major part of the exhaust fumes in the cabin but I didn’t want to spend over $500 on a new windshield and it NOT correct the issue. I wanted to replace the shield with one of those adjustable ones which will allow the air to pass from under (and over of course) and will keep the fumes at bay or at a minimum drastically reduce them especially while driving. I’m aware that the fumes might be present at stoplights etc but driving they should be expelled out the rear with the adjustable shield. With that said maybe I should refocus my efforts on getting a new shield instead of hacking up the exhaust on my Sling.
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