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Looking for Exhaust Tips Solution

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So a few weeks ago I bought a 2015 Sling with a Hahn Turbo and Magnaflow Muffler (I absolutely love it BTW) - The Muffler dumps right to the floor in front of the passenger footwell (I will try to post a picture) with that said the exhaust fumes (and HEAT) are killing my wife. I tried to contact Hahn for a solution of the exhaust and they said they don't have anything open for me plus not to mention they're in FL and I'm in MD. But I was wondering if anyone has any information or a resolution on adding tips to the side (Kinda like the Hahn side exhaust) to help route the exhaust up and away from the floor and hopefully aid/prevent and or minimize the exhaust fumes exposure in the cabin.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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As Jerry D said, a stock muffler and exhaust is in the same place. I don't have any engine mods as my stock 2017 SL is plenty fast enough for me and I don't like loud. However, cabin heat, especially for the passenger is a well known issue. I didn't see it coming and found out real fast that riding on an 80+ day was intolerable. I added a full cabin carpet/mat kit as an insulator and added a real hood vent in place of the plastic fake vent to let engine heat out. These mods alone made a HUGE difference in cockpit heat. It still gets warm inside so I am considering adding some more firewall insulation and am investigating cabin venting. Airwings don't fit my ripper windshield.
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