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Licensing in Alberta?

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I don't have a class 6. I know that if someone shows up to do a road test on a Can Am, they will get a restricted class 6 (only allowing them to ride trikes, not bikes). The Slingshot requires a class 6 ... but what would happen if you showed up for the road test in one? Could you still get a license allowing you to drive these?

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Sorry I believe that is incorrect. The SS is classed as a motorcycle or class 6. There is no trike restrictions or designations in Ab. My friend is an actuall instructor/tester. He told my wife to show up and get her restricted for class 6. This (SS) actually allows her to carry a licensed passenger (myself), which is different than a regular motorcycle restricted type learners that states "at no time can the operator carry a passenger and must maintain the visual of a licensed rider accompanying them" You might want to check your local registries for the correct gouge. These are still new and there are discrepancies everywhere
I just remembered about this thread. I'll update it for anyone else that might be looking for similar information.

I did more research, and then phoned and talked to an instructor directly to confirm before booking my appointment. You are free to take your class 6 test on any vehicle that requires a class 6 to drive. However, if you take the test on a vehicle with 3 wheels (like a Can Am or, say, a Slingshot) you get a restriction on your license. No restriction in terms of who can ride with you, only on the number of wheels your vehicle can have. It ends up looking like this...

To get the restriction removed, you simply need to take the road test again on a 2 wheel vehicle.

I ended up taking my road test in the Slingshot, and the instructor I spoke to said he did other road tests in one as well.
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Did you take the road test in your sling? I am looking at purchasing one and would have to do this. Any pointers if you did? Did the instructor ride with you? How much different was it from taking your class 5?
Yes I did. It was kind of dumb, honestly. I 100% support requiring a class 6 to drive a sling, if not simply due to the safety risk (no air bags, no bumpers, etc), but being able to take the test in one is kind of dumb, since you are now able to drive a can am as well, which is not at all the same. But at the same time, there isn't much of a middle ground.

The instructor did not ride with me. It was a class 6 test, so he did it by the book. He followed me in his truck using an in-ear radio, just as he would with a motorbike. But otherwise, it was the same as taking a class 5 test. Don't speed, don't run stop signs. S/he will probably get you to do a hill start, which is trivial if you know how to drive a standard. It was a class 5 test with a radio in your ear.

If you can drive a car with a manual tranny, you can pass this test.
Yes totally agree with ya Kami. When I took my test he said if he had known it was a Sling Shot he would have brought his helmet and rode with me. So they have the option of riding with you. Remember the nose is kinda long so I got dinged for coming to close to pedestrian walkways and stop lines. My licence now shows that I can drive a 3 wheeled motorcycle, if I had taken my test in a two wheeled bike I would be good to drive either 2 and 3 wheeled. You can also utilize the learners rule if someone you are riding with be it in your sling or in there own bike is with you to be legal.
Kami, you rebel ;)
Did my licence in my Sling. I picked it up from the dealer drove around in the rain for 1/2 hour and then took my test. I got the restricted 5/6 classification on my licence which mean I can drive a 3 wheeler but not a bike. That has never stopped me before from riding a bike so I don't think it will now. Just one thing as the you should arrange some kind of signal with the person doing your test. The walkie talkie is only one way and is difficult to hear so I would arrange a hand signal to them to repeat if necessary. I don't know about the passenger thing with your learners but I just had someone follow me to write my test.
Interesting. In Manitoba, they opted out of the class 6 license and made it that while the vehicle is licensed as a Motorcycle, you only require a class 5 to drive it. I know a lot of people giving serious consideration to the Slingshot because of this.
BC did the same thing. I still agree with requiring a class 6, but it's up to the province to decide.
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