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So I took a chance and called @Wicked_on_3 to see if he could do an alignment before I left for Atlanta...he said he was booked and I understood, I mentioned my trip and I had just installed the JRI Adjustables and gotten new rims...
Dennis made it happen! He readjusted his schedule to help a fellow SS out!
I drove to Brea from San Diego to his house and got the job done. Dennis & Donna are good peoples! Very hospitable and honest, Dennis knows his stuff with this Laser Alignment and is very precise with all his measurements.
I'm very impressed with his commitment and work ethics!
Here's some pics of the process
View attachment 14313
View attachment 14314
View attachment 14315
View attachment 14316
You can see the Red Laser giving you a measurement
View attachment 14318

My SS handles BETTER than new! Dennis & Donna
Awesome man, thanks for posting. :)
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