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One day Ole gets a plan to make some money so he goes to one of the rich neighborhoods. Ole rings the door bell and says, “Hello, is der anyting I could do for you ta make some money?”

The man thinks and says, “Sure, can paint my porch. You will find all the stuff in the garage.”

Ole says, “O.K., How much vill ya pay me?”

The man says, “How much does fifty bucks sound?”

Ole quickly agrees and get straight to work. The wife who had heard the conversation inside says, “50 bucks, I hope she knows the porch goes all around the house!”

Two hours later Ole knocks on the door and says, “O.K. I am done. Can I have da money now?”

Surprised the man replies, “OK, Let me get the money”

He comes back and Ole says as he is leaving, “By da vay, Dat’s a Ferrari, not a Porch-e!”
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