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Is it true...full turbo kit....

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I bought medskers 2016.5 sl le white pearl......I'm looking at mods and I looked up forced induction 2.4 ecotech/Polaris slingshot and I found out that the 2.4 is turbocharged quite often....and if you go low boost.....8psi you don't need a build...claiming close to 100hp...so I looked up 2.4 ecotech/slingshot turbo...and on ebay there's a speed demon/e-sales race distribution has a complete kit...all 5 modules.....675dlrs....can it be true.....I can get 270hp out of my slingshot....675dlrs....I'm in ah.....I see kits for 3000grand...some even more...anyone bought/or know anything about these.....thanks for anything...seems to good to be true.....there made for all kinds of gm products....is there a space issue....idk
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It's Chinese imported JUNK. If you Google that system, just check out the reviews of that "turbo" on other cars. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is, and you get what you pay for ALWAYS. I mean all that with respect. Expect to pay 4100 for a legit turbo, plus exhaust, plus the labor for the install. You'll also more than likely need larger brakes.
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Larger brakes larger tires and grow a pair of larger nuts.... cause you gonna need them to punch it pedal to the metal...:happy:
IMO, larger brakes are a want, no necessarily a need. If your nrakes are working porperly, you should still be OK with forced induction. Larger tires, OTOH, are more likely a need if you go turbo.
Look around for some sales. Hahn occasionally offers their "Slightly Warm" special that gets you their Stage 2 turbo kit and a FREE, slightly used exhaust, saving significantly over the cost of other turbo or supercharger kits which don't include an exhaust. I ordered my Hahn "SlightlyWarm" special during last Fall's special and got a complete system for around $4200 with shipping. The Hahn kit requires drilling/tapping the engine block for the oil return line or you need to pay $250 for a modified oil pan. You get $150 back upon return of your unmodified oil pan.
An exhaust will typically add anywhere from around $500 to around $2000 depending on what you want for ether a turbo or supercharger system. The Alpha turbo has been offered on sale for around $4700+/- and I think I've also seen the DDMWorks supercharger for a little less. Again, neither included an exhaust.
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