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First, the Basics:

1) I went with a Momo Mod.30 B SCM Nero 320 steering wheel. List price is $264. Worth every cent.
2) I went with the new Sparco SPPO001 Hub Adapter. As far as I am aware this is the hub adapter Polaris is installing on the line on the 2017 SLR that comes with a Sparco wheel. This thing fits like butter and there is no slop in the clock spring. No ticking, no binding, no noise. I highly recommend you think long and hard about this adapter. They aren't cheap but they work, and work perfectly.

Sorry for subpar Droid pics. I did this install on the fly so did not whip out my Nikon.

The wheel from the front:

The wheel from the back:

The Momo Adapter:

The deciphered Momo install instructions:

The installed wheel:

The installed Sparco hub adapter:

The Momo wheel I chose has left and right thumb horn buttons. If you look at the Momo adapter below those two slots are where the horns wires pass through and into the hub adapter.

This install was so simple I'm just going to highlight steps:

1) Make sure your old wheel is perfectly centered before you park to do the removal.
2) Remove battery cover (T40 Torx and push clips hold that on) and disconnect the negative cable. It's easier to do it at the frame than the battery post.
3) If your existing wheel is the factory Polaris John Deere tractor wheel, gently pry up the center cover legs with a screwdriver (I use a plastic auto body trim removal tool because, well, I'm picky about scratching things). Disconnect factory horn wires.
4) Using a 15/16" socket remove the steering shaft to steering wheel center bolt.
5) Using the Assault purpose built wheel puller, remove the steering wheel. Don't try to muscle the wheel off without a puller. You will likely fail and why take a chance on, say, damaging your steering bearings.

Here is where you have to be careful. If you had everything centered you want to be gentle here. Move slowly and do NOT upset the steering shaft. If you get ham fisted and move the steering shaft even a few mm's your wheel will be crooked and you get to start all over again unless you want to drive with a lopsided wheel. I do not.

6) Install the new Sparco hub. If you paid attention on step #5, the dead center of the hub is right between SPA and RCO on the silk screened emblem. Note SPARCO is the top and your clock spring will align perfectly into the recess on the back of the hub.
7) Once you are sure you did everything right lightly tighten the steering wheel bolt but don't torque it down. Just enough to keep it from falling off in your hands during an quick center test drive.
8) Stuff the wires into the hub. Do not hook anything up yet.
9) Place the Momo adapter on the back of the wheel, lining up the six holes and making sure the horn wires are gently nestled in the two cutoffs. Stuff the horn wires into the hub (again do not hook anything up, we are just taking a wheel center test drive.
10) Install 2 or 3 wheel to adapter screws lightly and take it for a test drive. Everything lined up correctly going perfectly straight? Good. If not, pull the new wheel and re-align until you get it right.
11) Okay, so now you have the adapter perfectly aligned. Remove the wheel.
12) Torque the steering wheel to steering shaft center bolt (30 ft lbs). This is not as easy to do on the Momo as some other wheels as it has a solid center, so you cannot attach the wheel to the hub adapter and then hold the wheel while you torque it. I just held the hub and got it as tight as I could. I've never had a steering wheel fall off and 30 ft lb is probably overkill anyway.
13) Okay - ready to wire:

First off, the green/yellow jumper that came with the wheel you can toss to the side. Which also means that the electrical plug you see on the Momo adapter below is not used on the SS.

But, you are not going to have an excess of wire between the wheel and hub adapter.

What I did was sit in the SS, had the wheel on my knees. Put shrink wrap over the factory clock spring wires, plugged the two leads together and tested the horn and hit the wrap with my heat gun.

14) After success on #13, situate the Momo adapter on the back of the wheel, carefully push the wires into the hub assembly and then start gently putting the 6 wheel to hub adapter screws in. Make sure the horn wires are in the slots on the Momo adapter and not binding.

Note: the Momo adapter has an engraving that actually looks like a mountain peak to me, but under magnification is actually says / \
/ Top \

This is important because everything will be lined up correctly that way. It's easy to miss.

Then, go out and enjoy one sweet wheel and one quiet lock to lock adapter.

Momo Nero 320 Front.jpg Momo Nero 320 Rear.jpg Momo Nero 320 Adapter.jpg Momo Install Instructions Deciphered for SS.jpg


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