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So I was thinking I would go dyno my Slingshot as soon as I got it to get a good base line number before the mods begin, but I got to thinking about the logistics of this.

I would assume that the one rear wheel could spin either the left or right drum, but would this throw off the accuracy since it will be spinning a free drum?

I guess if it's always done the same way then it would still give an accurate reading when testing new modifications?
The vehicle will have to see all 3 wheels spinning. More than that, the speed of each of the front wheels will have to be very close to the speed of the rear wheel otherwise the traction control will kick in. That can affect your performance numbers. In other words, it will take 2 electric motors in the front. Dynamometer only in the back is fine. Performance dynamometers out there are limited. You might be able to find one that has the front and the rear mechanically coupled and that would give you a perfect synchronization.
Unless you can disable the traction control ....
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