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High Hanging RPM's

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This might be related to the other discussion around the stalling from 2nd to 1st. But its a slightly different thing so I wanted to see if others see it as well.

When being a bit aggressive after pressing the clutch in and letting off of the gas I notice the RPM's hang, at whatever RPM it was before until you actually make your shift. (Its nice as you don't have to rev match etc, but its VERY odd and keeps hanging at a very high RPM with no load.)

ANyone else seeing it. Blipping the throttle doesn't seem to improve it either. (I let it go for 4-6 seconds before I gave in and shifted.) My dealer is going to contact Polaris about it.
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Have a 2015 bought new. Had all firmware updates done and it still hangs. Slowing to stop. Down shifting apply brakes hangs at 1500rpm need to apply clutch.
I don't believe the ECB learns how you drive and changes accordingly. If that were the case then having a 3rd party flash it would be a waste of money
Thanks for the update LowDid , I wish Polaris would make a statement on this issue. Are they working on it? Are Slingshot owners just going to have to live with it ? Where does Polaris stand on this issue ? My SL has not arrived yet. But I must say some of the issues are making me nervous! I know some people say " It is only a 20K ride " But that is a lot of money for me to spend on a toy. True I am paying cash for mine. But thats not because I make a lot of money. It's because I haven't spent a lot of money! This will be the most $ I have ever spent on a toy. In fact I have not had a "New " car since 1982. I have kept my wife in a new, or near new car. But I basically drive old beaters. I have bought a few new bikes ( And my wife never complains ) And the most I ever spent on a bike was around $9500. 24 K is a lot of money to me. Is the SL going to be worth it ? I really want a Slingshot. But I would like to know that Polaris will resolve the issues. I know some people keep saying " Polaris will fix them " and I hope they do. But so far I haven't seen it. Or a statement from Polaris that gives me much confidence that they will .

This same thing is happening to my 2016 Polaris Slingshot and has been at a licensed Polaris shop for over 2 months and they can’t seem to fix it even though they opened a claim with Polaris for tech support. They are aware of this dangerous issue and aren’t doing anything about it. Submit your claim to the government so they will be responsible for fixing it. They may have been lives lost from their negligence.

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