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High Hanging RPM's

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This might be related to the other discussion around the stalling from 2nd to 1st. But its a slightly different thing so I wanted to see if others see it as well.

When being a bit aggressive after pressing the clutch in and letting off of the gas I notice the RPM's hang, at whatever RPM it was before until you actually make your shift. (Its nice as you don't have to rev match etc, but its VERY odd and keeps hanging at a very high RPM with no load.)

ANyone else seeing it. Blipping the throttle doesn't seem to improve it either. (I let it go for 4-6 seconds before I gave in and shifted.) My dealer is going to contact Polaris about it.
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Curious if there is a minimum amount of miles before this starts to show up or if some see it from the start. If say > 300 miles could there be some threshold being broken the ECU can't handle correctly?
Not knowing all that much about this but if the ECU had the firmware of an engine that was expected to be in an auto with all the emissions etc, I assume the SS is lacking some especially the cat. Could it be the firmware based on certain conditions calculates incorrectly and causes the problem? Or am I way off base here?
Mine did this for the first time on Sat. A little roll in first not ready nor planning to shift to 2nd and revs to 3-4k.
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