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Some of you know me already and just like you waiting and waiting......!

The SS is close to release and I'm happy to announce that my team and I have been working on a accessories line and performance line. Our background is automotive performance and manufacturing established back in 1997.

We are a midwestern company based in America's heatland in Wisconsin with midwestern values. Integral ethics of family, good sportsmanship, hard work and of course rewarded by a beer or twelve at the end of the day, and we pass that on to our work and customer relations. Our in house products are enginered, and manufactured all in the USA.

As we launch our SS product line most of our products will be retailed by other vendors so that we can focus on research and development, manufacturing and service. Along with our product line we will be offering full service on the SS from basic maintenance, performance tuning, chassis/suspension setup, and custom fabrication.

Stay tuned as parts will be hot off the CNC soon:)
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