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help!!! looking for roof purchase in hot arizona sun

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hello all,
finally purchased my first slingshot yesterday,and fell in love with it right away. however, it was extremely hot, and after a few hours of riding, got home and the wife said I looked like a lobster lol. ended up with some pretty bad burns all along my arms and neck. so now after one day of use, I feel that I will need a top as the sun in Arizona seems to keep it over 100 degrees 8 months out of the year :( so the question is (sorry for the rant) what would you guys recommend? kind of on a budget after the big purchase literally yesterday lol. looking at the 2 on slingmods.com right now that are right at 1500 each. but leaning towards the cloth one as I think it looks better in the pics from what Ive seen. any pictures you guys may have or insight would be greatly appreciated!!! thnx!!!
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Over at the new site, @ruptured duck has posted his vision for a new top. He is still developing it and trying to get into production at some point. Google "New approach for a Slingshot top".
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I haven't gotten a top-carrier yet, but am currently leaning towards this model - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0000WZYF...lid=2MQ8X18PAWBRZ&coliid=I24KOJCL2774NQ&psc=1. According to the Amazon description, the Thule 682 Sidekick Cargo Box appears to have ideal dimensions to fit the TD Top cross-pieces w/o the canvas covering in place. I figure a few pieces of rubber padding will provide enough protection for the carrier bottom and clamps and the TD Top cross-pieces.
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