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These are some of the more popular topics and questions on the forum, along with some things that are just plain interesting. The index used to be housed in my profile and now exceeds the storage limit, so has been moved in the Site Assistance area. Some links lead to a post with a specific insight, and reading contributions prior to that gives a useful background into the issue.

If you find a dead link or would like to add to the list, please message me or make a post in this thread and we'll get it fixed up.

Necessary Modifications:
Emergency Brake Spring Position
Locking the Axle Nut
Thread-lock the Shift Knob
Thread-lock the Steering Lock Nut
Hood Pads
+ Flapping fenders ( magnet fix )
DIY Mod to Prevent Fairing From Cracking
Intake Manifold Vacuum Cap restraint (causes high idle ~3,000 RPM)
Windshield Rubbing on the Body
Clutch Doesn't Fully Return/Problems Shifting
Clutch Fluid is Dirty/Contaminated ( + Cause )
Electronic Control Unit (ECU) Update 06/25/2015
+ WARNING: New flash may mean new encryption
Transmission Dust / Debris Cover (Also a Do-It-Yourself version)
Locking Gas Cap
Angle Drive (jackshaft) Service
Improving poor Stereo Reception ( Fix ) (start there and read forward)
Don't listen to the stereo for long periods without the engine running
Rear Camera Recall (creates noise that reduces FM, WX reception) ( Dimensions )
Final Drive Vent

How to report issues/problems to the service center
Polaris Product Safety (Recall) Notices (by VIN)
+ Discussion
General Impression and Shortcomings ( 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 )
+ Driving in wet / slippery conditions
Overall Build Quality / the lack thereof
+ Polaris Warranty regarding Major Issues
Hood Latch Failure (which got worse) / Hood Won't Open
Fuse Box Cover Won't Seal
Fuse Box Rotation to Right-Side-Up
Add-On Fuse/Circuit Breaker Block with Smart Phone Controlled
Possible cause of Rev Flare (also see "Electronic Control Unit (ECU) Update 06/25/2015" under "Necessary Modifications")
Reverse Limiter ( 2 )
Key Blank (2) (for a new key)
Rear Hub Needle Bearing Failure (update)
+ Replacement
Front Hub Bearing
Drive Belt Tension (2)
Scratched Paint Repair (2)
Too Much Boost
Battery (pretty much everything)
+ Maintenance Charger
How to locate Engine Parts
Cracked Coolant Tank
Difficult shifting
Hood vent screw wearing on valve cover ( 2 )
Slingshot Master Torque List
Repairing the Engine Coolant Surge Tank
Rear Tire Calculator
Ride-On Tire Balancing "pumpkin sludge"

Floor Mats (untested)
Pedal Covers (untested)

Improved Stopping / Braking
Suspension / Shocks
++ adjustable for ride height
++ height and damping
Opening the Hood Louver ( 2 ) (untested)
+ Bullet Speed vented hood insert ( custom )
++ custom design
Horn (untested)
Heat Shield Kit (untested)
+ Do-It-Yourself
Headlights (halogen, HID, LED, Halo)
Magnetic Drain Plug (untested)

Catalytic Converter Removal (Cat Delete Pipe) ( 2 ) (untested)
+ Exhaust Smell After Catalytic Converter Removal ( Solutions )
+ Ceramic Coating ( external site: Jet-Hot.com )
Travel Bags
Stereo Add / Upgrade ( 2 )
Exhaust Manifold Cover
Vi Engineered Header/Exhaust & CAI
+ LRobbi Budget CAI (pics earlier in thread)

Unified Performance Exhaust

$295 eBay Stainless Steel Short Exhaust Header ( direct link )
Turbocharge / Supercharge ??
++ Gauge Installation (shown, 2)
+ Alpha Turbocharger smokin'
Insulating the Passenger Compartment ( 2 )
+ Oil/Temp other gauges
Center Console Heat Shield
+ ARP Headstuds - Quick Tips
Wind Wings (brings more air into the passenger area)
Floorboard Air Vent
Polaris Factory Heat Reduction Kit (radiator & exhaust)
Aftermarket Seat Heaters (Dorman Universal Seat Heater Kit)
Front Grill Light
L.E.D.s ( Black Oak LED Lights LED Light Bars, Mounts & Accessories )
White Angle Eyes or Halos ( The Retrofit Source )
Way-Cheap D.I.Y. Cold Air Intake
+ ******* CAI
Carbon Fiber Skinning
DDMWorks Upgraded Sway Bar ( 1 )
Multiple Fixes for caliper sticking, belt noise, alignment
Blitz's Alpha Turbo Detailed Install Instructions
Upgrading the fuel system
Power Distribution: Control Accessories from a SmartPhone
Installing rear view camera on base
Adjustable sway bar

General Information:
Is it a motorcycle, automobile, or autocycle???

Slingshot Recalls, Bulletins, Notices
Avoiding Electrical Issues
Hedge on High Octane (fuel)
Do The Job Right
All about Brakes: What your wallet needs to know
Tow dolly: The ups and downs of lugging your slug
Tool Storage
Oil change
++ Sticky balls
+ Final Drive
++ Belt tension
Air Box Filter
Coolant (Prestone Extended Life in the yellow jug)
Factory Paint ( Paint Codes )
Replacement Headlights
Replacing a Center Headlight (stone damage)
Miles Per Gallon
+ How to check if the MPG readout is correct
The Ethanol Debate
Odd Noises
+ Clicking
Keychain (that won't scratch the finish)
Police Reaction to seeing a Slingshot
Slingshot in a head-on collision
Washing the body
Polish: Carpro Cquartz
+ Black rubber & plastic
Spark Plugs ( 2 )
Polaris Digital Wrench (for accessing the encrypted non-ODB-II ECU)
Wrap that Sticks
Wheel hub size is 66.1 (affordable rims)
Side Mirrors
Speeding ticket quotas explained
Storage for trips
Panel Removal (video series by Painter)
Tire Pressure / Inflation
Dialectic grease (bulb grease / Electrical Contact Lubricant)

What sucks?
Unexpected Owner Popularity
Owners Pictures Will be on the Internet
Questions Slingshot Owners are Asked (repeatedly...)
++ My Wife Doesn't Like the Slingshot
When to Shift
Other Drivers....
Turbo vs. Supercharger ??
Buying Used
Service Manual
Possible Slingshot CE to be introduced
Upgrading to a 2016 model
Halloween Costumes
"Caused" 1st Accident
Relay voltage change from "accessories" to "engine on"?
How not to sell one of these things
Turned on SS heater for Fall and Winter riding
The start of the Flower Benders
Blitzkrieg and modding
Music Options

Eye protection for those who wear eyeglasses
Slingshot Wall Decals....NEW Product

Build-Your-Own Quad:
Flyin' Miata open-top street-legal quad

Hedge's How-To Help:
If A Hedgehog Can Do It, So Can You!

Forum Notes:
Ignore Feature
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Several links added to the main list including:

Update on the rear bearing issue from Polaris: "If it ain't failed, we ain't fixin' it."
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Added a bunch of updates over time, including how Polaris typically handles warranty issues, the ongoing hood latch issue, stereo speaker replacement (stock head unit), more on the still spongy brakes, and ongoing poor entertainment system reception on many units. Hopefully the index helps you find bigger things, Search works fairly well for most other things, although sometimes Google works better:

Topic_you're_looking_for site:SlingshotForums.com

Also note you can jump to the end of the thread then back up a few pages by using page navigation at the bottom of a thread, often getting to solutions faster.

Turning a smartphone sideways shows signatures and other information.

Something that should be mentioned is according to reports, Polaris is now requiring dealers to send in photos of the customer's Slingshot before authorizing warranty repairs. Modifying the electrical, exhaust, suspension, and intake may or may not be cause for denying warranty claims in the same system. Modifying the Engine Control Unit (an aftermarket ECU reflash) is supposedly pretty much a guarantee any driveline issues won't be covered--and I know that sounds "waffly." Not telling anyone what to do or not do, just be aware the deeper into a system the modifications go, the greater the chances a warranty claim will be denied.

It's really about having fun, enjoying being an owner, and knowing what to expect.
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The original index has been updated with battery maintenance, turbo and supercharger information, stereo installs, and new suspension information.

Not much has changed as far as the swingarm recall, the information I had posted in October & November is still accurate, including parts availability.
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