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Has Your Angle Drive Leaked?

Has your Angle Drive Leaked?

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Posting this per idea by Ulflyer.
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No good deed goes unpunished.

So what do you want, you want me to delete this poll? Jesus, I was just trying to help out Ulflyer as he said he was not sure how to do it.
:confused: Just helping... No need to get hurt feelings. I suggest a sticky with the links created to capture survey and results for anyone to track.

I set conditional formatting so the rows are green for no leaks and red for leaks.
No worries man. I just posted the poll as simple as possible as Ulflyer mentioned he was not sure how to do it. That was really the only thing I intended to do and then be done with it.

You have some good ideas to take it to the next level and I welcome that.
Mine whines ,howls,screams and yells I just turn the music up and keep going, noise went down a bit after switching fluids to M1 75w/140 @500 miles.

It made it through last weekend ride where i attempted(keyword) to keep up with Henry and Phil, bounced off the rev limiter on pretty much every gear under 4, gave it a check yesterday and no leaks anywhere so i figure everything is good regardless of the noise it makes.
When I was about 17 I had a friend Scott whose Dad's name was Roy. Roy was just too cool for school.

I remember after we rebuilt Scott's '66 Mustang GT 289 with Roy's help (machine shop connections out the ying-yang due to the fact he ran a heavy equipment dealership) it was running just a tad rough.

Roy looked at us two young and stupid 17 year olds and said "Take it out and run the living piss out of it. If it's running rough when you get back we'll figure it out".

We took it out and ran the living piss out of it and sure as shit, after about 15 miles it was running great. LOL. True story.
I gave Jobu some rum and a cigar and put him on my angle drive over night. No leaks, no whine, nothing. Voodoo dolls rule.

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I'm now a victim of the leaking angle drive. I've got about 8k on my 2015 SL. I'm bringing it to the dealer this weekend to get it checked out. I no longer have the warranty, anybody have a ballpark number for how much it costs to fix a leaking seal? From what I can tell it's the side seal, looking from the back it is leaking on the left side of the angle drive unit. I appreciate any insight so I don't get taken to the cleaners...although I might anyway!
My buddies is leaking so I am going to talk him into us replacing it vs warranty work. If we do, I'll document it and a high quality part # to do it.

Lil B pretty much covered this like a year ago so I just need to find his threads on it, but he tore that angle drive apart and pretty much highlighted everything that was wrong with it and what to fix. I just need to find that thread but I am lazy tonight so don't count on instant gratification.
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