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Has Your Angle Drive Leaked?

Has your Angle Drive Leaked?

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Posting this per idea by Ulflyer.
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Mine is dripping... Just noticed maybe 2 weeks ago... Out of factory warranty and no extended warranty... Hoping service dealer has good will... It's in the rear...

2015 base...
Sorry to hear you're dripping from your rear. This is also known as anal weepage...
starting to see allot more leak and some leaking BAD! Check your angle drives and fluid on a regular basis. The angle drive only holds a few qts of oil and you dont want to run it dry!
Hate to contradict you Henry but the angle drive capacity is 0.78 quarts (700 ml) - certainly not a few quarts!
Cross my fingers and throw salt over my shoulder - but I have had no issues with my angle drive and has not been noisy, loud, or leaky.

Better not have jinxed myself!
Superstitious much? Thankfully I've NEVER been superstitious & NEVER will be!

(Knock on wood...)
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1 - 3 of 39 Posts
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