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has anyone installed a new rack and pinion

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ever since I bought my SS sl le 16.5 I noticed a little dead spot in the middle of steering ...I have learned how to drive it...aggressive ...lol....but I noticed mavel industries has a rack for $129 to your door....I have checked my ball joints and tie rod ends and sway bar bushings everything good....took a grease hypo and shot all the bushings and joints...but I was wondering if anyone has changed one....how difficult was it....I don't know if a alinement would help, it doesn't seem to drift driving or braking....idk if the new rack would even help....
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Do you have any edge wear on the front tires?
hey Red.....there is no signs of abnormal tire wear but we put on a new set of tires on 400mi ago so it may not show for awhile and the old tires wore fine.....the SS doesn't pull when braking and it seems to track straight on smooth road....yeah idk what's going on but I will keep an eye on it...thanks Red
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