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Hahn RaceCraft is in the Slingshot Game

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Hello all!

Just dropping by to let you know that Hahn RaceCraft has begun development of boosted options for Slingshot. We're the industry pioneers, first to bring turbocharging to the Ecotec engine that's used in Slingshot, starting way back in 2001 when GM approached us to build boosted Cavaliers and Sunfires for the 2002 SEMA show.

Since that time, we've also been first to market with turbocharging options for Cobalt/G5, Solstice/Sky, and other GM Ecotec applications. To date, we've provided thousands of turbocharging systems and turbo upgrades to the Ecotec market, both through direct sales as well as a large complement of dealers, distributors and private-label Ecotec products for other companies.

We are happy to bring a unique one-two punch to the Slingshot world: we are also longtime dragbike champions, so the art of applying huge power through a single rear wheel is a discipline we're already extremely well versed in!

Over the days and weeks to come, I'll share more about our plans and our partners, but I just wanted to introduce myself and my company so we can all get to know each other a little better. We're also interested in Polaris dealers who'd like to consider offering our well-regarded product.

As an aside, I'd also like to let you know that we have a brand-new website in the wings, and it's about to launch, so when you look at our current, admittedly dated site, I ask that you focus more on the product than the site itself. Our new site will be very contemporary, with full eco-commerce capabilities.

Email us to get on our mailing list that is five-figures strong!

We also have a Facebook page that you may find interesting. Like us up and get in the loop!

Boost regards,
Bill Hahn Jr.
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Thanks everyone for your enthusiasm and support.

The best yardstick for comparing what we can do for Slingshot is the TurboSystem we've produced since 2006 for 2.4L Solstice and Sky, which of course have the same engine as Slingshot. Available in several trim levels, it boasts anywhere from 275 to 500+ HP. Stage II, which is the entry-level intercooled system intended for stock engines, has an MSRP of $3199.

We expect our Slingshot TurboSystem to be relatively comparable to this very well-established product.
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Bill - Is Hahn planning to become a supporting member of the forum?

I have done lots of research on the products you have for the other platforms (Solstice/Sky specifically) and there are lots of praise for the items you produce.

I am sure it will end up similar to the Solstice/Sky kit since they are nearly the exact same drivetrain. As for power, there will be some additional losses from the right-angle drive but it should roughly be the same whp (and probably similar price).

One option I was looking at was to retrofit an existing Hahn turbo for the Solstice into the SS so this will be an interesting kit.
Tango, thank you! Yes, I have inquired as to becoming a Supporting Vendor, and I expect that will take place shortly.

You're spot-on about similarities to our well-regarded Solstice/Sky product, and naturally, that will be the template we apply to Slingshot.
I'd mentioned in another thread here that the first Slingshot to us gets a complete TurboSystem at cost. A fellow asked what "cost" entails, and I provided the following information:

Specific details would be negotiated based on the particulars and attributes of the individual scenario, as such arrangements are flexible and rather variable...but it could be as little as our actual cost for materials and components, which would be a savings of thousands of dollars compared to a typical installed system price.

If one is serious about possibly bringing their Slingshot (once available) to us for this, please PM or email me. One may even be able to divert the delivery of their unit to a Polaris dealer in our region. Thanks in advance for the interest!

For what it's worth, we are also in the process of acquiring our own Slingshot for advanced product development purposes, and that's likely to be the one we "go for the throat" on, exploring the nether regions of power available. Nonetheless, we remain very interested in also performing parallel development of a bolt-on Stage II TurboSystem on a partner's Slingshot.
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Welcome to the Slingshot Forum Bill. I'm very anxious to see what you guys will be able to build for the SS.
As are we. Thank you for the encouraging welcome, nice group of folks here so far.

We've been eyeballing this machine for a while now, as it seems a perfect fit for our capabilities, what with our deep history not only with Ecotec but also with mega high-powered motorcycles. Slingshot rather tidily places all those eggs in one extremely exciting basket! So the consideration process is over, and I've decided to pursue this enticing machine with both barrels blazing, and we'll bring our full capability to bear upon it. We're known for doing things that are niche, unique markets, so away we go into this one.
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Good to have you here. You guys did my Sky a while back and that car was super fun! Can't remember exactly, but I think we did over 300HP with it? You may recall the car. It was the black/orange custom one done by Rick Bottom. You guys may end up doing my Slingshot! Need to find a partner near South Texas though!
Sure do recall that one! A very fun car, and we thank you for involving us in it. It was one of the many GM SEMA show cars we were involved in along with Rick Bottom. Over the years, the SEMA show has featured dozens of Ecotec-powered cars featuring Hahn TurboSystem technology.

As our dealer network takes shape, we'll work towards having authorized Polaris installing dealers nationwide. We also boast hundreds of automotive performance shops nationwide that install our product and would be able to effect such an installation, so we should have your needs covered one way or the other. Thanks for saying hi!
Hello Cameron,

Thanks for the inquiry! Usually, a TurboSystem of this type takes a couple days to install and validate. We'd love to have you take a Florida vacation which includes us! Please stay in touch as we progress.

Boost regards,
If you can work with an installer/dealer in Corpus, San Antonio or Houston that would be great! If you remember, keep me informed if you get something set up. Thanks!
We sure will. Thanks again for your interest :D
Thanks for the fast response! Going to require some serious thought about turning over the ss mid vacation.
You're welcome. Thank you too for considering us, and I hope you enjoy your upcoming trip to Florida ;)
Wrong thread DKF.

WOW Bill, you got my mind going bananas right now. Thank you so much......extremely anxious to see the results
Thanks Mike, and you're welcome :)

I see by the 'Busa in your avatar that you are also a bike fanatic, as are we. We turbocharge Hayabusas and GSXR's, and have won numerous championships with our Pro Street bikes, as well as in other classes. We happen to also have an interesting dragbike in process that has a rather fascinating connection to the Slingshot...I'll share details on that soon as well!
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Thanks Mike and Slingking. Sure is great to see all this crossover interest between Slingshot and motorcycles! I had hoped this would be the case :D
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Wow now were talking. I myself want 250 to 300 HP.
That 275 will be awesome. Will you be doing a header and exhaust also.

Great to hear. Will you have any shops set up in the Sacramento, Ca area to do a install. Disabled so I need most things done for me.
I'll keep track of your the progress.
We intend to build a bevy of parts for Slingshot, all of them tuned and tested by yours truly, and we won't stop at forced induction, so yes...headers, exhausts, intakes are all in the plan.

We have Hahn installers in Cali as well, so I am confident we can meet your needs near Sacramento :)

Thank you!
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Sounds great looking forward to reviewing your products once there available.
Hope the shops not to far. What usually is the install fee ballpark.
Thank you too! We let installing shops set their own rates, but if I had to venture an educated ballpark guess, I'd say between $500 and $1000 for install labor.
Hey Bill,

What are the chances the ss will actually bra able to utilize all that power? Of course when it's already rolling traction won't be such an issue. I'm wondering about off the line?
This is a valid point, and one we're supremely well-positioned to address ;)

Our extensive history and capability with a single rear wheel on mega high-powered dragbikes readily equips us with the tools and know-how to manage power as needed to suit the task at hand. These days, we can click off six-second, 220 MPH 1/4 mile passes on (of all things!) street bikes that don't even have a rear slick, but rather a treaded street-type tire! As such, we're very confident we'll be able to manage any challenges Slingshot throws at us in this department.
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Sounding better and better. Hopefully nothing will have to be upgraded on
the SS till the 300 plus HP gains?
I'd be remiss if I spoke too far ahead of actual Slingshot TurboSystem development, but yes...based upon our knowledge to date with the LE5 engine, it should be durable up to 300 HP with no internal modifications needed.
Any comments about tires as it relates to more HP and traction? There has been some discussion on this already but would appreciate any thoughts you might have on this subject.
That's also a very good question. What we intend to do is very closely study the characteristics of Slingshot in this regard, and compare it to what we already know about using a single drive tire for significant power transmission. While it would be easy to conclude that Slingshot will simply benefit from larger and/or "stickier" tires, there are in fact many dynamics in play, some apparent, some subtle. Once we've had the opportunity to experience Slingshot in real time, I'm confident our development curve will be rapid and productive, and we'll apply what we develop to product that will come to market quickly. It's going to be a very exciting process, and we'll keep everyone posted!
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Was really wondering about the drivetrain. Swingarm, belt, bevel gears, so forth.
These are also areas we'll devote much attention to. Our experience with swingarm-equipped machines is extensive, albeit primarily on two-wheeled applications. Fortunately, that experience also includes two-wheeled machines with very flat-profile tires, which of course separates Slingshot from its two-wheeled cousins that feature rounded profiles. Of course, this experience draws from our long, strong motorcycle drag racing career, where machines with flat-profile tires are common.

We're also confident about our ability to effect positive enhancement to the drive system as needed to properly and durably harness higher power. Such high-powered drives are another natural region of expertise for us, as they are also utilized on the mega-powerful dragbikes we are quite knowledgeable with. We also boast great expertise and fabulous technology partners in the gear drive region, as developing such solutions for the street and dragbike crowd has also been a necessary part of harnessing the incredible amounts of power available with modern engines.
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I was curious if you are going to change out the wiring harness since it is Digital Wrench instead of OBD2?

I was hoping that it would be OBD2 so I could get the Torque app and dongle but alas, it appears to be Digital Wrench. Might be something worth looking into as you prep for your first install. ;)
We'll be developing parallel versions of both Digital Wrench and OBDII versions. It's my intention to analyze the capabilities of both as we further explore the possibilities we'll uncover in the development process. Of course, it's a bit early to offer which may come out on top, but we'll pursue all available avenues in the quest to optimize not only our TurboSystem options, but also general tuning as well.

I anticipate that we'll ultimately see results with both, and offer each framework to our customers so as to best suit all possible iterations of not only normally-aspirated, but also turbocharged configurations.
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I might just have the ss trucked down to you some time this winter.
We'd like that very much, Cameron. We do enjoy the sublime advantage of a year-round road and track season here in The Sunshine State, so we'll be able to develop and install all winter long!

Might even be a nice winter-getaway for you to come play with your newly-boosted SS in the warm weather before it gets shipped back to you. Many of our out-of-state customers combine a bit of Florida vacationing fun with their vehicle enhancement journeys to us. We're less than two hours from Orlando, Tampa/St. Pete, Daytona, Jacksonville, and we also boast plenty of wide-open and seldom traveled highways in our immediate area, perfect for putting recently-enhanced machines through their paces :)
As a matter of fact, we do :) You may already be familiar with our client Sin City Performance in Henderson. There are some other Hahn installing shops to consider as well, so when you're ready to pull the trigger, we'll review and expound upon your choices in greater detail. Thanks, I like the notion of an SS cruising the Strip!

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