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This is an easily correctable problem, which if not corrected could have lead to serious issues.

The cover on the fuse box (driver's side under the hood) wasn't closed completely so it wasn't sealed against water/dust, and the latch towards the driver wouldn't engage as the cover couldn't be pushed down far enough. Removing the cover led to the discovery the box was mounted towards the driver, and mounting alignment of the box is critical, or one cover latch will contact the plastic next to a hex-head cap-screw instead of engaging.

The solution is to loosen both bolts, center the fuse box, put the cover on securely, and tighten the bolts. Both tabs should extend out evenly as seen below.

Side note: I also removed the black plastic cover next to the fuse box. Misplaced oil cap, might be from the 500 mile service at the dealer.
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