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Fuel trim code.

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Any help. I know nothing about engines all I know is my slingshot is 4 mo tha old with 1000 miles and it been to the shop 3 times and now I have error code 65565. Says in book it's a fuel trim issue. Can I still drive it?

Can I fix or clear it myself or gotta go back to the shop

Are these slingshots a piece if crap and I should go back to my can am which had no issues.

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Everything new has its issues ...........

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Just say'n ..... ;)

You need the Polaris diagnostics tool to clear it from the ECU but the error code 65565 typically indicates an out of range reading on the O2 sensor or an O2 sensor fault. It is also a common code to see on low mileage units and usually clears itself and the corresponding engine light after a bit ...

You can find discussions like this one using Google or another search engine .. the sites search function sucks ....


Fill it up with some top tier premium ..... start it from dead cold ... don't touch the throttle ... let it idle through two cycles of the colling fan.. shut it off and let it sit for five minutes ... this will base line the ECU trim tables and may help ....

........... :bag:

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Your Slingshot is 4 months old with 1000 miles and only under warranty until October ...... ?

For a code to clear it takes a few starts from cold ..... stopping, shutting it off for a few minutes and re-starting won't do it ...

If its not acting funny, just threw the code, then read through other posts where riders have had the same to make you feel better then just drive it .... with this set up running on a marine ECU using only MAP and AIT sensors without the MAF sensor like cars with this motor sometimes the ECU sees some weird O2 readings and throws a code .... as others who's Slingshots are a bit sensitive have experienced it seems to settle down after a few thousand miles ....

Or if you are feeling the Can Am bug again you could just put a match to it ..... its up to you ...... :smuggrin:

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