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Flapping Fender Fix

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I had mentioned awhile back in some long lost thread that I was looking into solutions for preventing the fenders from flapping around at high speeds. It's embarrassing to say the least, so I ordered a bunch of magnets and began taking high speed runs with them (on closed roads of course).

I've settled on a relatively cheap magnet fix, and I'd like to share the prototype setup I have going. I've hesitated to do a permanent glue fix, since my Slingshot is wrecked and I will be getting new body panels this winter, but this should give you an idea.

I settled on these magnets (2" x 1" x 3/8" Epoxy Coated, 59lb pull) here ($6.50/piece). They are really cost effective and have a ridiculously strong pull for the size.

I also have a set of these (4" x 1" x 1/4" 75lb pull) but have not tried them yet, as the set above seems to be working well, and spacing wise they fit better.

*** CAUTION ***
I'll say it again, these magnets are ridiculously strong. Even when wrapped with an inch of cardboard and bubble wrap they were picking up items off my desk. You want to keep these away from EVERYTHING metal, don't unwrap until you are free and clear of electronics, sharp objects, etc. I set them down on my work bench and my cordless drill, screwdriver, and various other metal objects went shooting across to them. I pinched my fingers no less than 20 times and they are hard to get apart from themselves, let alone the flat metal plate I'm using. Too many slips, letting them slam into themselves and other items, and these magnets can fracture and shard (ask me how I know... this wasn't my first set). Please be careful, the seller has all of these warnings, and I was thinking "I know how magnets work... you don't need to tell me..." boy was I unprepared. Though I was giggling at the strength between finger injuries.

I bought a $5 set of brackets at home depot. Here is the size of the two pieces. This magnet is actually sticking to the steel belting inside of the tire. They are kind of ridiculous, maybe overkill, but lesser magnets I got from my local hardware store wouldn't get the job done. Don't judge my taping, it was only for rapid prototyping and changing position, I will probably pretty it up here for the remainder of the riding season.

I taped the magnet to the headlight with Gorilla Tape (glue eventually when I decide it's permanent):

And the metal plate to the edge of the hood lined up with magnet (again glued when I'm satisfied it will be permanent):

This works really well, I've tested it up to 110 mph and they have all but eliminated the shake. I think another set mounted at the rear fender mount would likely make them immovable, but would probably make it really hard to open the hood, whereas this mounting point still allows a fairly easy pull to open the hood.

Let me know if you have any other ideas, or results for those that try it. Pretty cheap $20 investment (plus glue and tape if you don't have it) to fix a problem that bugged the hell out of me.

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Thank you for this post. I installed them yesterday and encountered the same "poltergeist" action on my workbench with my tools. You mentioned pinching your fingers, well I went one step further, they took a huge chunk of skin off my thumb. I permanently installed mine with good ol' JB Weld. Hoping that works, or even hoping the hood still opens. I didn't want to drill holes in the hood as suggested by other "fixes" so this is, in my opinion, the best option.
Did the JB weld hold?
Jookyone: An absolutely terrific fix. Works great. Thanks for posting it.
The magnets did the trick for me. No flapping at 100mph. I'm totally satisfied with them. I installed the magnets with supper high grade double sided adhesive. No drilling. The whole job took 15 minutes.
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