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Firestone Firehawk Indy 500, one year later

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May 13th 2022. 275/40r20 rear and 235/55r18 front. Super sticky, but not afraid to release from the pavement for as much as you like fairly easy. When I first put the back tire on I was sure I would lose that plus some take-off speed. I launched as soon as I felt like it wasn't new anymore. The fronts allow me to accelerate into the corners able to give that roller coaster tummy to passengers of any age as I often hear a giggle like they almost forgot they would do that out loud. Wearing super with a little over 2500 miles. 34 PSI in back, long time tire Buster recommended these numbers and 28 PSI in front. I will take a few pounds out of all tires on roads I know are bumpy. I was weaned at Firestone in the 70's but Ive always been a little unsure of what PSI to run in the bigger tires on this. Found them for a very low sale price.
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Yes the tires fit but the rear fender needed about 7 or 9 new brackets to mount back up. All thankfully I didnit have to purchase except 3 or so license plate mounts in order to make one . Check out the phone mount mount i used test driving in first pic.

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