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F4+5 Clear Windshield (NEW) - no distortion- 325$ NJ

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I have a new F4+5 windshield that I will sell for $350 plus shipping. I'll do 325$ for local pickup.

If any of you have read my prior posts, I'm a tall slingshot rider at 6'7'' and the F4+5 cuts my vision in half. I've never driven with the windshield and have all original packaging.

I have another thread that received a lot of traction/offers but was delinquent in my responses (work and my spam filter pushing the forum notifications contributed).

I'm motivated to sell. Lets make this happen. PM me for purchase.
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i know that this is an old post but i have a question about the +5. i am 6'6" and want a windshield that i look over not through. Was that your problem because you were looking through it?
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