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Eye protection for those who wear eyeglasses

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For those of us who wear eyeglasses, it's nice to have extra eye protection & at the same time have sunglasses. I highly recommend the offerings by Cocoon. Their eyewear is specifically designed to be worn over regular eyeglasses. I have been personally using them for several years. They make a quality product & are reasonably priced. I have two pairs. One with typical shading & also one with the yellow/amber lens. They come in a really nice case with attachment clip & include a very nice microfiber cleaning cloth... No association with this company, just really like the product. These glasses will knock down any wind that may be getting in your eyes. They also provide side protection.

Link here:
Cocoons Eyewear - Fitover Sunglasses and Low Vision UV Filters

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Thanks for sharing!! I prefer clear lens sunglasses.
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