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I have not officially heard why the Slingshot is outside looking in here. But this definition blows me away!! The following is from the CT DOT website under "Definitions of Key DMV Terms"

Motorcycle - "Motorcycle means a motor vehicle, with or without a sidecar, having not more than three wheels in contact with ground and a saddle or seat on which the rider sits or a platform on which the rider stands and includes bicycles having a motor attached, except bicycles propelled by means of a helper motor {moped} as defined in Connecticut State Law Title 14 Sec 14-286, but does not include a vehicle having a completely or partially enclosed driver's seat and a motor which is not in the enclosed area."

How do you like that run on sentence?!! The last line sunk us!! It's like somebody knew the Slingshot was coming!!!
Texas will get the SS way before us, and great for you guys!!! Send me pictures!!!!
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