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A Good Month To Have A Deals Gap Slingshot Meet

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Where is this? Sorry I guess I could have Googled it by now
It's a piece of road on the boarder of Tennessee and North Carolina Called Deals Gap or also
known as the Tail Of The Dragon. Also St Rt 129. It's 318 corners in 11 miles.
There also some other nice drives including the Skyway.

I'm a big rotary gear head and Have went down there with the
Deals Gap Rotary Rally 5 times. Our group promotes to have fun,
but know your boundaries. We usually don't have any accidents within
our group for the weekend when we are there. Though it has happened,
but it is rare with that group. I try to tell people a couple good rules of thumb.
Never cross the double yellow line. No matter if you think no one is coming the
other way or not. Just when you thought no one was going the other way
and you think I just cut in a little more on this turn and bam there is someone
going the other way. It's a public road and most are there having fun. But
people are going both directions. And the other thing I like to say is:
It's not a race track. You can go pretty good with staying in your lane.
The turns are tight and you don't have to be flying to have fun.
I'm sure this group will be just fine. I see many are older or have had
motorcycles and have already possibly been on the Dragon. It
will be a great time! :D

Here is some links to help check it out.
Once we have a majority vote on a month we'll figure out a date on that month. If we have
enough I'll try to get it set up with the resorts out there to maybe offer discounted room rates for
our group. And we'll make a map of were people are coming from. And we might be able to
set up convoy groups to meet up with each other on the way there. Like I'm in Ohio.
So I would meet up with anyone coming from Canada, Michigan, Ohio and Maybe
Wisconsin, and Indiana.


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How about a Deals Gap Slingshot rally next year?
Say maybe August? I'd like one earlier, but that will
Give some people enough time to get there slingshots
From the dealers.

Anyways, it would be hella fun and a good way to meet
Fellow members!
If we are shooting for August, lets try early August. We also need to keep in mind all the different groups that go down there. We went one year and you couldn't hardly move for all the Miata's down there. It's not a lot of fun going thru those curves at 20 mph cause the person in front of you doesn't know how to ride in the twisties.

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This is true NightFlyer. I usually go mid
April. I've never had to many problems
During that time. But I figured some would
Still be waiting on their Slingshot.
If it ends up August. Shooting for
Early August is fine with me.

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So far it looks like August is winning. We'll watch this till the first week of December.
Then we'll figure out what weekend to do it on in the month that wins. After that I'll see if
I can get us discounts with one of the resorts out there.
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