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DDMWorks Rotrex Slingshot Supercharger kits are in stock!

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Great News!

Our supply bottleneck with Rotrex has been taken care of and supercharger kits are in stock now!

This is the ultra reliable kit we have been selling now for a couple years that has everything needed to bolt a Rotrex supercharger to the Slingshot engine. If you are on the fence about getting one, now is the time, as price of the kit is going to be going up slightly in about a month. The kits we have in stock will take just a couple days to get through powdercoat depending on color of the charge tubes, just FYI.

If you want to go fast now with a simple install, no oil pan to remove, we have these ready to go.

Let us know if you have any questions, we are always happy to answer them,


DDMWorks Slingshot Rotrex Supercharger Kit

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DDMWorks THANK YOU! and Slingmods for the transaction of the Rotrex Supercharger bolt on kit! Took about a week to arrive and two full days to install (I took my time). I called DDMWorks twice in one day with questions and both times they were very helpful, I was curious as to which hoses to run to the oil cooler for the supply and return and I had trouble bleeding the oil reservoir and oil lines in to the supercharger. Once I called I was able to figure it out in no time and had it bled and ready for the next step. I love the instructions and color photos, it really helped out. Thank you.

I am loving the new added power and it makes driving the Sling so much more fun! I've had mine since 2015 and this is by far the best mod I've done. I do have one question, have others noticed a jump in MPG's? Before I averaged 21 MPG's (ECM tune/cold air intake/headers/exhaust) and after the supercharger install I am getting 36-37 MPG's! This is insane! I am wondering if this is correct. I reset my odometer and will see after I fill up again and do the math the old fashioned way. But I have reset the MPG Average readout a couple times and have been driving all week and it says 37.2 MPG right now!!
With the turbo/supercharger tunes that switch out the stock MAP sensor to a 2 Bar MAP sensor the dash can no longer accurately determine fuel flow, so the numbers you are seeing for MPG on the dash are not correct.

Glad you are enjoying the power of the kit, it is a lot of fun, let us know if there is anything else we can answer or help you with,
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