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Cold Weather Riding Gear / Heated Clothing / Extended Riding [ heat / thermal ]

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Colorado Springs was a brisk 47 degrees this morning...and for the first time ever...I was thankful for the cockpit heat. I would normally not ride any of my previous motorcycles in weather under 50 degrees, but thought I would be good in the SS. And yep...enjoyed the drive in to work. :)
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I saw Scotts when I was up there...they look fun in a mid evil kind of way!!!
Portable 12V electric seat warmers might help somewhat. $80.
I've got the Gerbing Heated Extreme Winter Jacket and pants from my motorcycle riding days. Also bought a heated seat and back cushion for $15 that worked great last winter. Has a hi/low setting that I never had to use the high.
For you folks experienced in riding in the cooler climes, what are ya wearing and where are you getting it from?

Bill and Justina
H-D heated jacket liner ; Have not hooked up a power lead for it yet.
on the to do list.
Gerbing's jacket liner, wife has a BMW/Eclipse heated vest and chaps. Dennis Kirk sells heated gear as does Competition Accessories and, of course, eBay.
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I used to use Gerbings and aerostich gear in Germany. I have read that Bosch, Dewalt and Sears make heated Jackets and hoodies. The reviews on youtube are pretty good.
40 degrees today. A balaclava, sweatshirt, and under armor kept me comfortable for a two hour ride. I can see wearing a heated vest for long rides in colder weather, but my legs and feet were plenty warm.
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Agree! Under Armor is awesome stuff!
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Patagonia silk weight Capilene, Gerbing's heated liner under jacket, jeans, etc, etc. Also wear full face helmet.
The Sling protects you pretty well compared to most 2 wheelrs. I have riden down to the mid 30's with just regular cold weather gear. Leather jacket flannel shirt and scarf, full helmet, leather gloves and my flannel lined jeans. Very comfortable. No heated gear!

40's and up the gloves can be lighter, the Slingshot Jacket with a sweater or sweat shirt and regular jeans. 50's is comfortable!

My wife sometimes carries a blamket for her lap and hips, where you get some cool drafts!

I have not tried anything lower than the 30's and it was not uncomfortable, 40's and up are no problem. I am sure with heated gear below 30's would be OK.
Heated seat liners from ebay plug into 12 v recep between seats. Around $60. They work fine in Fla.
Gerbings vest..and a 12v blanket, 12v heated seat liner.
I always thought that cold weather riding gear here in Florida meant you had to wear socks ;););)
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