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Cold Weather Riding Gear / Heated Clothing / Extended Riding [ heat / thermal ]

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Colorado Springs was a brisk 47 degrees this morning...and for the first time ever...I was thankful for the cockpit heat. I would normally not ride any of my previous motorcycles in weather under 50 degrees, but thought I would be good in the SS. And yep...enjoyed the drive in to work. :)
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I have been thinking Gerbings small battery (in the jacket liner)
out fit. I did have a Gerbing Jacket liner that plugged into the
Wing for the wife. What I've seen a jacket liner not to costly.
Reports seem to be positive.
This might be perfect for the Slingshot
Gerbing Heated Ski Jacket - The Warming Store
Plenty of heat form the engine compartment to keep feet warm with maybe a pair of 'long johns'
Some of the Gerbing and others be side having to be hard wired,
also have some battery pack units that look pretty good.
Google -- heated motorcycle gear
Not only is some of the gear mentioned a big help but think about protecting yourself against the cold before it gets to you. I have a 3/4 helmet and a full cover helmet and noticed that the full cover helmet helps but, recently, I got a +5 " windshield and took it out for a ride in 50 degree weather and found that it made quite a difference without all that wind hitting me in the face. I used the 3/4 helmet for the test along with a leather jacket that I usually wear. I did have to go to insulated gloves to keep my hands warm as compared to the leather only gloves I use in warmer weather.
SlingHam, I have had a F4 5+ tinted since early Spring, 20,000 miles on it and love it. I did add Baker "Air Wings" to bring in
some cool air in the warm and keep it out in the cold. In addition
took a simple piece of 1/16 in plastic about 8in by 16in slight angle
cut to the front and put it between the out plastic and the frame pipe as you get into the Slingshot to deflect the cold air at that point.
Helps to keep the lower air deflected. Make a mock up from a piece
of cardboard run with it. Zip tie to the frame.
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DocG, I will do some pics and get them posted....
Some simple mods to deflect cold air

1/16 in plastic approximately 6in x 20in used a piece of
cardboard for the angle in front. The plastic I used
was some I had and works for me---you could go
a little taller -- simple zip tie holds it just fine

The Full length is 12in x 6in -- paddle is 6x6 and handle
6x2 with 3 spots of Velcro holding in place and
a 4th spot protecting the red body panel. There is
plenty of clearance when closing the hold.
Simple and easy (cheap) and works.
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DKF some days you just want to hide a little bright

I want to get away from
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I left the 'power' cord on a bike I sold....just order a power cord
that uses the cig lighter for power. can plug into the upper center
and easy to remove when not in use.
Thanks for the 'heads up'.....at this point I have jacket liner and gloves. and will probably keep the heat turned down. Going to try jacket only and see how that works.
Have NO idea --- BMW or Can bus ... I have a Gerbing jacket liner and gloves and use a 'cig lighter' pug for power and plug into the spot between the seats. Also use the in line Gerbing power adjustment for temp control. Don't have the pants, just pair of regular snow pants when real cold.
We left NC 2 weeks ago in 22° with heated jacket liner and heated gloves. Fivehours later arrived in Savannah at 28°. Our laps and faces suffered a bit but it was not a bad ride
...unless you ask my wife.
My wife loves the Slingshot for a nice (75 degree) hour ride out for dinner and a nice (72 degree) hour ride home.
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