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Can I jump start my SS from pos. term. on alt.

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I noticed underground auto has a alt. pos. terminal relocation kit.....they run a cable from positive terminal on alternator to a new location in the engine compartment to a insulated bracket with a post to jump start SS using a body ground....they leave the alt. positive wire on alt. and add this cable on top of it and then to insulated bracket with post....has anyone mounted one of these kits or ever hooked up your lithium-ion boost starter to alt. and ground to jump your SS.......thanks for any comments...
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As I was preparing to remove the engine from my SS yesterday I learned that the big single wire on top the alt goes directly to the main post on the starter where it joins the main lead coming from the battery. I see no reason why you could not use this as a point to jump start your SS.

The kit you mention should be no problem and would also make a nice place to hook up a trickle charger for long term.

That's my opinion and I assure you it is worth every penny you paid for it! LOL
If you only want to connect a trickle charger, i.e. Battery Tender, et al., you can use a cigarette lighter adapter and connect it to the 12 V outlet above the cup holders. It is unswitched and works great for this.
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