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Challenge accepted.
I want to relocate the exhaust to the back and kick out the passenger area to give them more footroom. Anybody doing that?
I want a tighter steering box that I don't have to spin my wheel around twice to make a hairpin turn.
I want a shorter rear swingarm to help with the traction problem (or someway of moving the CG back). or,
I want All Wheel Drive.

Come on aftermarket gods, help me out!?!
There was a post with pictures some time ago, where a fellow SlingShot owner extended the passenger footwell.

................................. tom n carol

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Can we get a rough estimate on total price with install and H.P.?
DDMWorks Slingshot Rotrex kit - $4900 - DDMWorks Slingshot Rotrex Supercharger Kit

DDMWorks Slingshot Built Engine - $4200 - Built Slingshot 2.4L Ecotec Engine by DDMWorks

Installation of Supercharger - $950

Installation of Engine - $1250

Really a built engine is not needed for the base Rotrex kit though, most of our installs are on stock engines and end up around 280-290HP at the wheel, from the stock 145-150hp at the wheel. With the built engine and the supercharger we can now get to 340-350hp at the wheel with our new cams installed also.

If you have any other questions, just let me know,

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I took my supercharger set up to a 400rwhp, so the engine was rebuilt including a Haltech ECU. In other words a lot of money. My advice to anyone going the boost way are 2 things. First contact Dave from DDM Works and go with the the supercharger or turbo system they offer , and second stop at the 320 rwhp and don’t spend the excessive money . You will NEVER use the 320rwhp. DDM Works ROCKS
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