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Blow Off Valve Size

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Since installing the SC on my SS the rpms fall VERY slowly when shifting. So much so that it makes it sound as though you don't know how to drive a stick. Sometimes when gearing down coming to a stop you can push the clutch in and coast to a stop and the rpms will still be at 2k once you stop and then slowly decrease down to the usual 1k. My questions is:

Does the BOV have anyting to do with this problem or is it likely in the tuning of the ECM?
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Ghost, was the tune needed because of the SC or just to fix the problem?

I'm having exact same issue but do not have a SC ??
mine has been doing the same thing since new. cold weather seems to make it worse. fast to go up rpms slow to come down and then sometimes drops so low feels like it may stall but never has
Mine also does that too. But not real bad. Just blip the accelerator and shes fine. The real problem is that my mpg calculator has messed up. Does not calculate correctly. Says im getting about 8 to 10 mpg more than it actually is. Has anyone experienced this problem? That being said, with the power it has now I would do it all over again. I am 3-0 in roll on drag races. 2 vets, 1 GT MUSTANG and not the sissy mustangs.
what year is it. mine is a 18 with the ride command and you can set the volumes to gal. gal(uk) or liters and that screws with my mpg. I get kids with their Subaru wrx's all the time trying to run me, they don't stand a chance. the other day the guy in front of me with his porsche looked like he wanted to run but lucky for me I checked mirror and saw the police car behind me or I would have my first ticket in 30 years
Mine is a 16. I will check this info out. But I haven't changed any volumes. Started as soon as I left the shop. I done the same thing with the cops. It sure feels good to see the looks on the faces of the losers. By the way, I named my SS " THE GIANT KILLER" with David and Goliath AB on the hood which I did myself. It has David sling the stone at the giant. I also have the rear brake light with this logo in it.Thanks for the reply. Happy hunting!!!!
Mine has custom armrests one says midlife the other says crisis. Tail light says outtahere. Told my wife I couldn’t get 3/4 life crisis printed on armrests
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