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Blow Off Valve Size

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Since installing the SC on my SS the rpms fall VERY slowly when shifting. So much so that it makes it sound as though you don't know how to drive a stick. Sometimes when gearing down coming to a stop you can push the clutch in and coast to a stop and the rpms will still be at 2k once you stop and then slowly decrease down to the usual 1k. My questions is:

Does the BOV have anyting to do with this problem or is it likely in the tuning of the ECM?
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Hi Ghost, I am experiencing the same issue. Also, when I first start it up some times, the engine revs like i was pressing on the gas pedal. Have you resolved your issue?
Mine also does that too. But not real bad. Just blip the accelerator and shes fine. The real problem is that my mpg calculator has messed up. Does not calculate correctly. Says im getting about 8 to 10 mpg more than it actually is. Has anyone experienced this problem? That being said, with the power it has now I would do it all over again. I am 3-0 in roll on drag races. 2 vets, 1 GT MUSTANG and not the sissy mustangs.
Funny you mention GT Mustangs. I had a guy pull up beside me and tell me I had a really bad manifold leak. So ...when the light turned green, he left quickly. I got up beside him at 40, and said...listen to this. The manifold leak sound disappeared, but the roar of motor and tire appeared. I left him behind me. At the next light he said, I'm selling this and buying one of those. I love my street snake. Oh ya...this thread is about blow off valve size...lol. I am looking into a unit at Amazon right now...too many options...lol.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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