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Belt alignment, Belt shifting.

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Hey All,

So I jacked up my SS and loosed the bolts on the angle drive according to Sam Owens video to adjust the alignment of my belt. I aligned it so that the belt favors the side closest to the wheel as seen in the videos. I retorqued to 195ft/lbs and went for a test ride. Aft 5 miles or so I returned home and took a look at the belt. It was favoring the right hand side away from the wheel. So I did the same procedure again and it produced the same results.

My question is, is this correct? Where does your belt ride and should it move like that. I do get some what if a whine when the SS is not under throttle and just coasting. Here is a pic

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Seems from the service manual that if the belt is too far inward then you will get noise on deceleration which I have. But no matter how I adjust the belt it always ends up outward of the pulley after a ride. Could this be a symptom of belt tension being too high?
I found that in the service manual it’s important to not loosen the nut on the passenger side completely but to loosen then re-torque to 20-25ft/lbs before adjusting and tightening everything up. I believe this is because once you tighten everything up that’s when all adjustments made go out the window. I basically had to play with the tension(.75 on the ground) and the tightening sequence to square it all away. Hope this helps some. I have the service manual and can share to screenshots when I get back home on Wednesday if needed.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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