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Bad Experience - Exhaust and Fender combo

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Fender from Polaris and exhaust from Slingmods. I called the exhaust makers, Thermal R&D, and Slingmods.com, and both couldn't do anything about this issue or make it right. Slingmods is still selling this without disclosing the incompatibility problem. Your only warning may come from this article. Hitting the slightest bump will drive your fender into the exhaust and cause it to look like the picture attached. I am very pissed off about this; after spending thousands of dollars, I am left with this. If anyone has any solutions, I would love to hear them.
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i put the same configuration on mine. what i have done with my 2021R is raised it, most lower theirs. I live on a road base road and was tired of bottoming out on larger rocks. it appears in the picture that you posted i may have more room. if you get the chance tell the amount of inches between your fender and the exhaust. although i dont think that i will have the same issue, my exhaust was jut put on and has not been tested yet.
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