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After months of testing we are finally in full swing for automatic conversions. These are turn key conversions that will convert your sling into a automatic just like a car. Cruise control, ABS, traction control are all fully functional. Built in safety features include in house built shifter that is spring loaded so if it is accidentally bumped it will not go into gear or out. ECU programming to only start in park or neutral.

We set the shift points so it can be custom programmed for your liking whether you want it fast and firm for drag racing or smooth like butter. As of now these conversions are only done in house. Price is $5000-7000.00 installed.

Shoot me a email or give me a call if you have questions or would like to schedule.



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Hi I'm interested in getting done conversions done to a slingshot.....

Alpha is not in business any longer, we do conversions here though, you can give us a call at 864-438-4949 and we can go over details with you.

Let us know if you have any other questions also,
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