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Another positive helmet thread

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Justina and I were returning from Medford via fun-n-twisty two lane blacktop when we came up on to a backhoe being towed on a trailer just as it collided with a low hanging branch stretching out across the road, showering us with it's debris. Several chunks struck our helmets hard enuff to cause momentary disorientation and our pulling over to gain our senses. Thank goodness the Grasshopper sustained no damage but thinking about the consequences if we had not been wearing our helmets.............:eek:

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Wow! Glad you guys are okay! A few weeks ago, I was a quarter-mile behind an 18-wheeler on the interstate when one of its tires exploded. No one was hurt, but debris large and small went all over the road. Had I been along side at that moment, a helmet might have been most desirable!
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