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alphas built motor

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for the boosted guys that are looking to step up the boost. alpha is now offering a built motor get a hold of alpha and get your order in for yours asap. currently waiting for mine, as long with a few other guys. i will be posting more stuff as the pictures come in.i think 2017 is gonna be a pretty big year for alpha .lets see what happens.
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Those Molnar rods are too beautiful to stick in a motor where they can't be seen. :) A work of art!
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The Molnars are really nice and what we have been using for most of engine builds for a long time now, but you should see the Carillo's, they are very pretty :)
I think we need an unbiased opinion from an independent source. Please send me four of the Molnars, four of the Carillos and I will pick and send you back the lesser of the two.

This is really the only fair way for me, as a self-anointed R&D specialist for slingshotforums.com to make a recommendation to my fellow site-mates.

I will put up my beloved and track ready Chevette as collateral just so everything is on the up and up. Pink slip is in the mail.


Edit: Please do NOT put your feet on the floor. This vehicle has a special weight saving racing technique where the floorboards have been "lightened". Unless you want to do a Fred Flinstone, the only thing between your feet and the concrete roaring by underfoot at 30 MPH is dry rotted carpet (again - a weight saving measure). I have a disclaimer decal I will put on the dash that warns it is a purpose built race vehicle just in case you have any racer boyz out in the shop that want to see what she'll do.

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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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