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Alpha Turbo vs Hahn Turbo

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Hello all,

It seems it has been around 6 months since their has been a discussion of the turbo comparisons.

Lets hear from the manufactures as well as the people running these Turbo's.

What turbo do you find to be the best and why?

What are some of the key things you like about one vs the other?

If you could make a new kit based on both turbo kits what would you combine?

Thank you in advance for your input!
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I have jons header and exhaust don't know about hp but it really helped

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Sure would like some updates to this thread ,? As there’s a lot of info that I am sure may of changed in over 3 yrs of production & testing

Sure would like some updates to this thread ,? As there’s a lot of info that I am sure may of changed in over 3 yrs of production & testing
Alpha closed their doors some time ago and there are still people waiting on parts from Hahn over six months in to a group buy and he stopped answering calls ....

How's that for an update ..... o_O

Well isn’t that special ..

Is alpha FAB Industries the same company ,? As they seem to be operating based on their website...man they have some wicked motors on their site too..500 hp ..

Well so much for my leaning towards HANN...
That’s scary ,so how are they servicing new customers and doing installs unless they are walkin’s..
Or are u saying they just aren’t replying to certain customers,?
they have turbo and super charger kits that are very good quality.
They are in the know with Bob the tuner and that is very important.
Hahn's appearance on any forum comes and goes so IMHO he is somewhat unreliable and Alpha is out of business. Your best bet is to go with DDM Works period for performance enhancements.
I was not part of the Hahn Group Buy, having bought my turbo back in late 2016, but I didn't get around to installing it until mid-2017. Primarily due to my concerns about screwing things up and only proceeding when I was sure I was doing things properly (plus I got really lazy and experienced some spells where I just didn't feel like going outside to do anything), I then took 7 months to get my turbo install completed. Once I finally got the install started, realized I had either lost some parts or never got them and contacted Hahn, offering to pay since I couldn't prove I hadn't lost them, btu he shipped the missing parts to me at no extra charge.
Yes, he had some problems trying to get the Group Buy fulfilled and folks have hit him pretty hard about it. I found reading all of the complaints embarrassing because the Group Buy problems he ran into were so different from my experience.
He had started planning a move to Daytona Beach in hopes of getting access to more qualified employees and most, if not all of his staff jumped ship, leaving him with a problem getting the orders fulfilled. He has an extensive background with the motor used in the Slingshot and his turbo kits offer the best bang for your buck in terms of what you get for your money, at least as far as his basic turbo kits w/o the fancier options such as the new intake manifold and port fuler options are concerned..
I certainly hope that once he finally completes the move to Daytona Beach and gets everything setup that he will be able to restore his reputation here on the forum. I know I've been happy with my Hahn turbo setup!
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I hate When someone who is really god at his or her trade,has issues which end up really hurting their rep because new customers such as myself are left unsure if it’s worth the risk to trust them...
When someone who has a Successful Business looses all their employees it’s ether poor leadership ,poor pay ,or a combination of all of it..now I know he is moving although I don’t know how far ,and that could of been part of it but if you have good employees I believe it’s worth paying more to keep them as well as making up for their moving expensive if the business is moving out of state or even to another city if it’s hrs away...anyway his products really did look like the cats meow ..so I wish him luck..
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Is alpha FAB Industries the same company

No ........

As far as what has been said a liar is a liar and I guess for some its easy to lie to people thousands of miles away, even if you already have their money..... the truth is very simple and all over the forums, all you need to do is not be a fan boy and take an honest look around .....

..... :rolleyes:

No ........
As far as what has been said a liar is a liar and I guess for some its easy to lie to people thousands of miles away, even if you already have their money..... the truth is very simple and all over the forums, all you need to do is not be a fan boy and take an honest look around .....
..... :rolleyes:

I admit to being a "fan" as I am a satisfied Hahn customer. I feel I have also been critical, if not embarrassed on behalf of the Group Buy customers, of Hahn's performance in handling the Group Buy.
Before I retired, when given a task, after considering how to do that task, I always went back to my boss and explained what I thought he wanted me to do and how I intended to do it. This eliminated any misunderstandings/unclear expectations. If I then ran into a problem that could impact completion of the task, I immediately conveyed that info to my boss. This made him aware of any potential complications and allowed him to adjust the task or provide additional guidance. End result - nobody got blindsided. To me, Hahn's biggest failure comes down to terrible communications. Had he simply admitted he had encountered some problems and would not be able to deliver as quickly as promised, most people would have accepted that.
Admittedly, as a Hahn customer, it is in my interests for him to stay in business. At the same time, since the Group Buy debacle, when I have posted about Hahn turbo kits as a possible option for Slingshot owners, I believe I have usually also referenced the Group Buy problems, so my support can't really be considered all-out fan-boy.
Whether or not people are happy with how he handled this very unfortunate situation, at least he didn't just disappear from the market and leave customers hanging without any resolution. I can definitely understand why people are unhappy with how the Group Buy went, but given the quality of his product overall (and assuming he can continue improving his new intake manifold and port fueler options) I do hope he can rebuild his reputation and continue supporting the Slingshot.
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So who is bob the tuner ?...
Anyone seen a turbo auto SLING,?
While I’ve been practicing pretend shifting gears while driving my TURBO F150... simulating pulling a motor cycle style clutch handle on the center console and using the hand controls for the brake and gas still..I feel I could take off in a stight line,or even turning wide, but I just think it maybe too hard to turn corners from a stop sign etc...
So I may try it ,but I’m pretty sure a auto would be in my future...

Finding one already converted with turbos,and a few other goodies at a decent price would really cool.as they say always buy it finished..
for info on the Slingshot turbo tunes and who does it, see -
OBD Diagnostics - Note - The ECU reflash prices shown may not reflect Group Buy pricing. Also, if your dealer should overwrite your custom tune, Bob will reflash it for around $40 + shipping costs, IIRC.
AS far as turbo'd Slingshots with an automatic transmission, former forum member @RABTECH (no longer active on this forum) has a custom turbo install developed and installed by DDM Works and an automatic trans conversion also by DDM Works. Try Googling "rabtech white beast" for more info.
There haven't been a whole lot of automatic trans conversions, and given the cost, anyone who gets one will probably be keeping that unit for a while.
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