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Alpha Turbo vs Hahn Turbo

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Hello all,

It seems it has been around 6 months since their has been a discussion of the turbo comparisons.

Lets hear from the manufactures as well as the people running these Turbo's.

What turbo do you find to be the best and why?

What are some of the key things you like about one vs the other?

If you could make a new kit based on both turbo kits what would you combine?

Thank you in advance for your input!
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Ill stay out of this thread "for a while". . Everyone knows what ill say anyway.

I think it will be one of those threads where the people that have a Hahn system praise thiers and the people that have a JonV and Alpha system praise theirs. Really nothing good can come from a thread like this. It's only going to cause a rift in the space/time continuum.....
Well as I also stated, no matter who you cheer for I am sure there are pieces you would take from each one to make the "Ultimate Turbo Kit" Even if it is just aesthetics. So lets here it!
There is a track day in Florida coming in October that will have Hahn and alpha turbos. Not that it it will be apples to apples, but I think it'll be the first official race between the two, I could be wrong. Too bad no jonv's will be there....
Nice let me know when and where that is. Maybe I will take a trip down there to see it :wideyed:
My .02,
Hahn most expensive (for their 2x Kit), best 2bar map tune, ability to run higher boost and upgrades down the road.

Alpha lowest cost and with good workmanship, good 2bar map tune as well.

JonV most effective and quality workmanship for mid range price, capable of upgrading for higher performance.

I chose JonV's for these reasons,

1-AvaiIability, I can get one installed before SSITR event.
2-I like the idea of a header system with equal length tubing and beautiful workmanship.
3-I like where his intercooler is above and not restricting air flow to the OEM radiator, down the road I'm going to do a hood scoop so air is directed through the intercooler.

All three systems accomplishes the same thing-more power and all three have proven it's reliability.
How much better is the flow and would it increase the HP? I know equal length tubing is supposed to be better and yes it is sexy.
Could you Just get a JonV header and have say an Alpha kit made to work with it?
Don't know that data BD, me personally I just like that design.
JonV won't sell you just his Turbo Header (at least at this time) especially if he knows what you're going to do with it, he doesn't like people butchering his work or kits because he stands behind them!
Now if you're willing to buy an Alpha kit and a JonV kit...hell...you can do anything you want, you paid for 2 kits:rolleyes:
Haha I get it... I am the same way, I take pride in my work. I think I am going to hold off and see how all these companies shake out. I would also like to be involved in the install process with some guidance from the experienced guys. I would have to plan a trip out to where they are located and see if I can work out the details to be involved in the install :eek:
Your a long way from Alabama. I would gladly help you if you were closer.
I would ride somewhere to take a trip for sure. I am confident I can install it. Would be nice to do it with the Manufacture / Fellow SS owner. Since you have a Hahn turbo I am not sure if I chose something else you would want to help haha :smuggrin:

Give or take it is about 20hrs

What do you think about the JonV's Inter-Cooler location?
And I warned y'all. Nothing good could come from this thread. Its just stirring the pot.
I personally like all the chit chat.. Because like it or not the truth always comes out...
@RABTECH at least when you open your mouth you have some data to back it up. I would like to see the vendors talk it up in here too :)
There is quite a bit of misinformation floating about this thread.

That looks like a JonV header.. How much better is that over the stock header and how much does it cost? :greedy:
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Jonv's kit is not 5400$ but 5200$, with an option to a unique v-mount radiator/ intercooler for 350$ more.
Pictures for the V-Mount?
Here is an alpha turbo kit manifold we build. They are specific to the alpha kit, so you don't have to change anything at all, it's a direct bolt on.

View attachment 25185 View attachment 25186 View attachment 25187
Hey JonV!

Thank you for taking the time to post in the tread and share that with everyone else! Do you happen to know how much of an improvement over the stock header it gives you? I am also curious of the material that you use for the header.

Such a beautiful piece of work, great job man.
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i don't know power gains. No one has tested them on the dyno yet. The manifolds are made of 304L stainless steel are .109 thick. The flanges are mild steel, to reduce warping and distortion over time from heat.
Hey JonV,

How much would it cost to do full titanium? :rolleyes:
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