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Alpha Turbo vs Hahn Turbo

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Hello all,

It seems it has been around 6 months since their has been a discussion of the turbo comparisons.

Lets hear from the manufactures as well as the people running these Turbo's.

What turbo do you find to be the best and why?

What are some of the key things you like about one vs the other?

If you could make a new kit based on both turbo kits what would you combine?

Thank you in advance for your input!
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Yes Rab, but it's been six months... the stereo thread is about due also... oh wait... this morning!
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Bam! There it is! Rab gets sucked in and pops his blow-off valve! (You knew this couldn't go well...)
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Rab, your information is great, & I always learn more about the turbo systems current status thanks to all the members, although I could do without the duplicate threads. Plus, you are not nearly as critical as others.
1 - 3 of 73 Posts
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