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Alpha Stage turbo kit complete and tuned on factory ECU! (12-1 update)

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After Months of R&D, testing , more testing and reliability testing we are DONE! We currently have four Alpha stage 1 turbo slingshot around the country and they are all running well! We had started out with a piggy back system but we have now moved to the factory ECU. We have a custom tune that was built for the stage 1 kit and it works great!

The Alpha Stage 1 Turbo Kit: 254 WHP and 272 WTQ on only 6psi! ( that's 17 more hp than than a stage 2 being offered from other competitors at one less pound of boost) Not only did we make great power but the stage 1 the tune and drive-ability was dialed in. If you look at the dyno chart you can see how smooth the whole power band is. If you add in the factor of 13% power loss in the drive train and calculate crank HP we are at 287 hp at only 6psi!

As most of you know the slingshot doesn't really need a huge bump with low end a huge bump low end would just result in tire spin. Dialed on on the dyno the power band is very smooth and no huge jumps.

The Alpha Turbo Kit Includes:

We are using Precision turbos. They are one of the leading turbo companies and regularly breaking records with their ever evolving line of turbo's The line of Billet and CEA turbos revolutionized the turbo industry and many of your top horse power cars and race teams are running Precision turbo's.

Check out our dyno video below!

We use a journal bearing billet 5558 with CEA technology wheels. We chose the 5558 to produce the most power we could at the lowest boost possible. This allowed us to create a smooth responsive powerband.

Turbo manifold:
Originally we wanted to build a custom tubular manifold but after we tested/dyno'd the factory manifold we found that it actually flows very well. Talking with many members we knew using the factory manifold was the key to keep the price low as possible for stage 1 yet not skimping on quality and still yielding good results. We machined a adapter plate so the turbo bolts to the factory manifold and this is working beautifully. Savings we can pass on to you yet still make great HP for a stage 1. ( realistically with bigger injectors, pump and tune this kit could make 400+hp) With the components and design we made more torque than hp! witch is rare for a 4cyl.

Turbo's and turbo manifolds create ALLOT of heat. Our design also keeps the heat down and away. With a reworked manifold or tubular manifold heat will be brought to the top and we are sure that the plastic hood will warp or melt.

Tubular manifolds will be available in future kits as we move up into higher stages. Again this will take time and allot of reliability testing to ensure we do not run into heat issues with all of the plastic parts on the slingshot.

ECU / Fuel/Tuning:
Custom MEFIburn reflash of OEM ECU, new injectors

We went with a external gate and a CNC ported exhaust housing to ensure reliability and stable boost. The wastegate we chose is the Precision 39mm wastegate, a perfect marriage since we are using Precision turbos.
Blow off valve:
TheTial 50mm blow off valve is industry proven time and time again to ensure excess pressure venting and no compressor surging that can can lead to turbo damage over time.

Front Mount Intercooler:
Designed and built right here at Alpha, this front mount intercooler fits like it should from the factory. Pressure tested to ensure no leaks the Alpha front mount will control intake temperatures even in the harshest conditions! Our design also keeps the factory duct work to keep that air flowing in the right spot!

Intercooler/Turbo Piping:
Engineered pipe size to be efficient with minimal turbo lag, hand welded in house. Piping will be available in polished, wrinkle black, and wrinkle red.
Custom colors are available upon request. Some colors may cost more money

K&N washable and rechargeable filter partnered with the Alpha heatshield to provde protected and cool intake charge.

Stainless muffler hand welded in house

Oil lines and Fittings:
Kit will include a new oil pan with a fitting welded in place for the oil return.
- All oil lines feed and return
- Silicone couplers with stainless steel T-bolt style clamps
- Throttle body relocation elbow. This is the same unit we developed for our intake. With only 2" of clearance it is impossible to use a silicone coupler and not have to reduce the size and clear the hood or run into problems with it rubbing.
- Nuts/bolts for complete install.

Color installation manual and full product support by phone, email, or carrier pigeon.
Install time is 5-6 hours+ depending on ability. No cutting or welding required. If you choose us to do the install labor is $500.00
Kit includes our stainless steel heat shield. If you already have this shield you will receive a discount for it.

The Alpha stage 1 turbo kit is the only kit on the market that comes fully finished with no extra charges for powder coated pipes. The only option you can add is to have your turbo and muffler ceramic coated.

12-2-15 Update:

Alpha turbo kits are now in stock and ready to ship! All new kits are tuned on a 2 bar map. 2 bar map sensor and harness is included in the kit. Alpha kits come 100% complete ready for bolt on install with no drill or cutting. Variety of colors are available free of charge. As of today 12-2-15 we have Gray, black, red, and blue in stock.

With the two bar sensor and tune it is crucial that the waste gate is hooked up properly. On the 1 bar we have a handful of people who installed it wrong and it would simply just run out of fuel and cut off. With the 2 bar it will now compensate fuel and if the vacuum line is not routed right you will get infinite amount of boost and blow your engine.

Here is a picture of the right way to hook up the vacuum line. The waste gate has two ports. One on top and one on the side. ONLY the side one is to be used. DO NOT USE THE TOP PORT.

We have over 100 turbo kits out on the market with no blown engines except one that was on the two bar setup and was not installed right by the installer.

Price of the kit is $4850.00 plus shipping. Average shipping is $55-75 for all three boxes.

We do also have a side exit exhaust option now for those who want a quieter exhaust. That is a $600.00 option.

Allot of people over the summer have asked for a turbo manifold. We have them built and on the shelf and will be a option in the near future. Adding the tubular manifold the machine will run lean on the currant tune. We are working with bob on a tune that is safe for the tubular manifold.

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I may be able to take yours off your hands when that time comes @Cameron Roberts . That is if you can wait a little bit. Congress approved the shocks, but cut SS spending until some house projects get done.:)
I've promised her a new patio.
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My alpha turbo is coming... Henry is making it all red... He's making a list...
Checking it twice...
Henry, you'd better kiss that sucker for me before you box it up!
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No. I know I picked a good one. I also know that the other systems have their good points also. I was just wondering if they would have one up there. I'm glad ill get to possibly hang out and ride with them in a group. Maybe they will let me park mine by theirs. Just make a line of turbo powered bad ass slingshots. Sounds like an awesome photo shoot to me. We need someone to bring a drone and we could put them in a circle and put the drone in the center and have it take off looking downward. Then have it make a circle around them all then open the hoods and have the drone come in close and get a shot of the engines.

I'm just saying.......
My wife and I will be there Rab. You're welcome to park near me anytime, buddy!
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Will that blue candy machine be in the smokies rally?
Congratulations @Cameron Roberts :) Can't wait to hear what you think.
Literally losing my crap. Haven't felt these giddy childlike emotions since maybe Christmas 25 years ago. These machines and this community are just phenomenal. The talent of the builders is top notch. I will literally be meeting many friends for the first time in the Smokies. Literally. Overused the word... Don't care.
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You literally misused AND overused it (unless of course you really did shit yourself.) LOL..... ;)

I know how you feel. :) Literally...... This community is amazing. I'm happy for you. Make sure you post every step of the way so we can live it with you!
I literally carry this forum with me everywhere I go. Don't worry it'll be public.
Ill be there and I am going to try to get a early breakfast get together one morning. We all need to drink some coffee. I bet we could come up with some really good ideas all hopped up on caffeine .:D
Hell yeah man. We will be there around five pm on Wednesday. Also I said I literally lost my crap. If it were still on me I would know exactly where it was. Losing it means it's gone without a trace!
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Maybe if they were gear heads!
Or possibly not a pile of rich a hole brats completely disconnected from reality.
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Sadly @Cameron Roberts it will not be. The blue one is mine, but it will be at Deadwood.
That's still a cool place to be. I'm sure we will end up at the same get together eventually.
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Candy red please!!! That's bottle on the far right looks about perfect.
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thats called candy red chrome. You want me to change yours to that color?
Unless you've already made it. :D you know I'm not a picky fella.

Candy red chrome just happens to be the same powder coat that's going to be used in some of my other spots.
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Ok your order is changed. Powder coating is the last step and we have hundreds of pipes and boxes so a change of color is no problem!
Thank you sir!!
This forum is something like an lsd trip.
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