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Alpha Stage I Turbo Kit Help

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Hello fellow Slingshot owners,
this is my first time posting on here, but i've read through a lot of the forums. I recently purchased the AFI Slingshot 2.4 Ecotec Stage I Turbo Kit directly from alphafabindustries.com. The kit arrived this past Saturday, and is missing many items. Can anyone please let me know if this is what I should expect?
  • No instructions.
  • No oil drain line
  • No air filter
  • No exhaust. When I first called prior to ordering, I was told that this was a complete bolt on kit and no additional items were necessary.
  • No v-band clamp or dump pipe for the external wastegate
  • Only have 9 v-band clamps for the piping and I don’t believe this to be enough
  • No gasket for turbo manifold. Not sure if it is needed.
I'd greatly appreciate any help on this issue. I waited 6 weeks for my kit to arrive. I'm frustrated and completely lost on what to do now.
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Looking at the pic on the site, I think it would require some mods to bolt onto the Slingshot w/o problems.
Call Bob at MEFIBurn - OBD Diagnostics. He can tell you how much a reflash to stock should cost (around $40, I'd guess). I'd assume you should get it back within a week or so.
Where did you buy this kit? There is one more on ebay? And if you did buy it from there I'll steer clear....
I'd be VERY wary of EBay Turbo kit offerings since the one's I've seen, especially the lower cost kits, appear to be generic kits with parts that look like they will need some mods to get them to work on the Slingshot. Without linking to a specific seller's listing, here is a pic I copied from a listing -

This picture is used in listings for multiple types of cars. At a glance, the exhaust manifold look like it's designed to hang the turbo to the side of the manifold, but the Slingshot has a frame member that would be in the way and all turbo kits for the Slingshot I've seen have the turbo mounted underneath the exhaust manifold for clearance. The description claims the kit will allow you to keep your Air Conditioning and that it will work with manual or automatic transmissions. Kind of odd to say that when Polaris hasn't built a Slingshot with AC or an automatic trans. You might make it fit, but I'd expect it to present some challenges.
There IS an EBay listing for an Alpha Powersports turbo kit for the Polaris Slingshot which appears to be the kit that had been offered by Alpha Powersports when they were still an active supporter of the Polaris Slingshot, but AFAIK, they are no longer in business or offering support for their products.
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I have the Hahn Stage 2/2X kit set for Stage 2 (approx 7 lbs boost and around 240 HP or so). Although Hahn can sometimes be a little slow in response to orders and queries, I am still happy with my purchase.
Are you planning on the Hahn Stage 2/2X? Hahn also offers a Stage 1 kit (no intercooler and around 4 lbs of boost) that can later be upgraded to the Stage 2/2X at a slightly higher overall cost, but the Stage 1 kit does allow you to get started at a lower cost. I bought my Stage 2/2X kit as a "Slightly Warm" special which included a FREE used StreetRace exhaust. The FullRace exhaust is cheapest ($400) but may be too loud for daily on-street use. The StreetRace exhaust ($600) is still loud, but can be equipped with baffles ($100) to reduce the sound some. The Dual Side exit exhaust ($900) is probably the quietest and can also accept the optional baffles for an even quieter sound. Of course, you can also use a Welter exhaust instead at a higher overall cost depending on which Welter exhaust you pick. Hahn allows you to buy a simple turbo kit w/o fancy appearance upgrades at a relatively affordable cost or you can pile on the upgrades.
A supercharger is probably the safer boost option, but costs more. Turbos generally cost less and can provide more boost at lower RPMs, but do carry a higher risk of problems if something goes wrong. Boost and AFR gauges or a combined Boost/AFR gauge are generally considered essential to monitor a turbo, and are recommend for a SC, but not as necessary since SCs produce the same boost at the same engine RPMs unlike turbos.
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Technically, NOT the same name, just the first part of the name, but still easily confused.
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