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Alpha Adjustable Exhaust Rattle

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Has anyone been noticing an exhaust rattle with their adjustable exhaust from Alpha. I have been getting an exhaust rattle at certain RPMs. I checked the band that holds the exhaust to the motor and it is tight along with all the other bolts holding the exhaust to the header.
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Hey guys it's not inside the muffler, it's the location proximity of the muffler to the engine block. If you have the stock manifold there should not be a problem, but I have the 1320 and when installed, the muffler body rested firm against the block. All SS's are not the same built. I had to put a washer where it was touching the block. If you have a rattle, it's that location or where the exhaust tip is close to the frame. It maybe hitting. It's not internal.

I cut out a portion of the lip just for assurance that it wouldn't touch the frame.
I just "pre-dented" the exhaust with blunt hammer at the bolt location you have pictured. I still have a rattle that comes and goes which I think is internal? A couple of taps on the key fob cures it most of the time. If I recall the valve is variable, hence some rattle in it when partially open/closed.
They made a revision to their muffler from ball bearing to spring. We were informed that the change would have no effects even with the placement of the muffler being close to the header. After multiple issues and problems, they admitted that the heat from the placement of the muffler had caused premature failure of the muffler system. So they are sending us new mufflers to replace our current ones. These mufflers are coming from Austria which is why there's a long delay. We do not have tracking of the product when it leaves the shoreline but only an estimated time of arrival which we were told sometime this month.
So there really is a such thing as "muffler bearings?" :banghead:
This issue was noticeable on our last batch, which only a few was sold. We stop sell and production of the remainder from the batch.
Since mine may have come from that batch, and I have a rattle that comes and goes, what is the process to get on the "check list?"
1 - 3 of 65 Posts
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