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Added More Gear Oil to Angle Drive; Quieter Now

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Looking for something to do today, I recall reading awhile back that someone suggested jacking up the front so that the Angle Drive would be tilted and then adding more gear oil. I think the premise was that the quart in it, wasn't high enough to thoroughly oil the gears and bearings...or something like that.

I put in about 3/4 quart of Redline Shockproof before it started running out. So, it now has 1 3/4 quarts. Had to do some errands and drove about 30 miles, some back roads, some interstate.

The normal growly/whine as I go through the gears is now much quieter. Very pleased with the outcome.

Just hope the additional oil doesn't splash out the top air vent!
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You can count me as another successful Lucas Oil Stabilizer user. I just finished my initial 500 mile service. I was having some pretty loud growling, mainly during deceleration, at about 30MPH and 10MPH. Drained the angle drive, and refilled it with 100% Lucas Oil Stabilizer (plus a little more extra in there by jacking up the drivers side). Also adjusted the belt tension and tracking. I can say I am 100% satisfied with the results, practically no angle drive noise anymore!
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