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Added More Gear Oil to Angle Drive; Quieter Now

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Looking for something to do today, I recall reading awhile back that someone suggested jacking up the front so that the Angle Drive would be tilted and then adding more gear oil. I think the premise was that the quart in it, wasn't high enough to thoroughly oil the gears and bearings...or something like that.

I put in about 3/4 quart of Redline Shockproof before it started running out. So, it now has 1 3/4 quarts. Had to do some errands and drove about 30 miles, some back roads, some interstate.

The normal growly/whine as I go through the gears is now much quieter. Very pleased with the outcome.

Just hope the additional oil doesn't splash out the top air vent!
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SlingLow; I don't consider your comments argumentative at all. Its always worthwhile to get as much feedback as possible and then a person can make his own mind up about it. Personally, I feel comfortable using the extra amount of gear oil. If you read all of LILB93's engineering action's with the AD and accept his premise, and others as well, that it is a poorly made drive, and that's putting it mildly, then there is much room for improvement. Based on his findings, I don't believe one should necessarily buy into the argument that "the Polaris engineers know best". If they did we wouldn't have had so many recalls.

Hopefully some of the other folks who are running extra oil will report how its worked out for them. I'll let you all know if it causes any problems in mine. I has decreased the noise level, and hopefully will better oil the bearings and gears and make them last longer. Cheers. :)
I am coming to the party late and really don't want to read the entire thread. I have had my 2015 for about 4 months. There is a noticeable whine at take off. From what I gather that is not normal or good?! And I should replace or add to the Angle drive oils with Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer? I have also noticed that my belt tension seems a little looser then I would have it. Is there a spec or recommendation as to what it should be? Thanks in advance for your help.
I drove mine to work today. So i will see what the whine is really like. I have about a 20-30 minute ride in 85+ degree weather. That will be a god test to see what it is like cool and once it heats up. Of course you wind up taking the long way home because who doesn't like riding just cause. Thx for the tension gauge referral. I think my belt is way to loose. I will take a quick look before i pull out this afternoon. I feel as thought it is tracking properly. That was one of the things i checked before i purchased it. Not a fan of having to replace a belt.

Speaking of replacing the belt. has anyone tried a different belt to stop the whine???

Thx again for the info fellas.
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I checked it before I hit the rode after work. It had been sitting all day maybe 8 hours. it had about 1/2 to 3/4 an inch of play. I am ok with that. Maybe it could be more but it only has 4000+ miles on it. I will give it a bit more brake in time. Around 5K I am going to change the AD oil and try the Lucas Stabilizer I see people talking about.
I changed my AD gear lube out Friday night, filled it up to top of side hole using Royal Purple. Only took about 16 oz, which I know was low.. Ran some errands Saturday morning, rechecked levels, got it to take another 5 oz or so afterwards. Not sure why it didn't all take at once, using quart Lubriflow pump. Will check in another week, see if it will take another ounce or 2
Keep us posted. it is getting cold here in VA so my riding will slow. but this will be prime maintenance time. Still looking for a good brake upgrade option. Not paying $1000 for rotors and calipers.
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