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Ok, I've read massive blogs on tires. We all drive the SS's hard at least some of the time. Me, I love the feel of drifting/sliding around corners and the general curvy road. NOTE to others: Drive the road at least once at a normal speed and caution. Rocks, sand, oil, and cops can ruin your fun. Lucked out he was more interested in the vehicle than anything. Anyway, I digress.
I'm in need of changing the tires. I've been researching the federal ss-595 and a new brand Accelera tires (PHI-R fits the SS). Didn't find anything on either.
Is anyone running either of these brands/tires?
Supposedly the federal is the choice in Japan, but I'm not in Japan or on a closed circuit.
YouTube has positive reviews on the Accelera, just nothing on the PHI-R (phi not ph1).
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