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Hey Everybody!

We have a 2021 Slingshot SL AUTOMATIC under 30,000 KM and every time we try to go into reverse, it goes to neutral mode and says "shift not available" on the dash. Sometimes it takes a couple tries to go to reverse and we have to do crazy stuff like first go to neutral or press on the brakes really hard before it decides to go to reverse. Is anybody else having this problem with the AUTOMATIC Slingshots? Do we have to get it fixed? Pleas help!! Thank you!
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I have a 2021 S tech 1 with paddle kit, it had a similar issue with a message "shift not allowed". trans would not go into any gear. dealer fixed it under 2 yr warranty by replacing the "gear selector" module, the center console part that you press for FNR. this could be one of those issues not officially recognized.
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